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The Learning Resource Centre was officially opened in November 2004 and dedicated to John Acres, a former Deputy Headteacher who sadly passed away in July 2003.

It is a large and extremely busy open-access, the multimedia facility at the heart of the school. It offers access to the widest possible choice of resources to support teaching and learning across the curriculum, and contributes to the development of literacy skills by encouraging an interest in wider reading.

Opening Times
8.00 am to 2.45 pm, Monday to Friday

Students may borrow books for 3 weeks and DVDs for 2 days. Resources should be returned in good order. If they are lost or damaged you may be asked to pay for a replacement. Please speak to the librarian if there are any problems.

The library holds general career information – books, leaflets and website lists, and also prospectuses for colleges, school sixth forms and universities.

Reading Clubs
Weekly Reading Clubs take place in the library. We have a strong link with Marlborough Literature Festival and have taken students to see a number of authors (i.e. Michael Morpurgo, David Walliams and Cressida Cowell)

The very popular House Chess Competition takes place in the Autumn term. The library has a number of chess sets and these can be used during break and lunch times.

Additional Literacy 

Our key stage 3 students have additional reading sessions with volunteers in the library on a weekly basis and there are also guided literacy lessons for years 7, 8 & 9 all week. 


Useful Links

Books do not have age ratings, however, these two useful websites provide age recommendations for books, tv and other media. If you are concerned or would like to choose a book that is suitable for your age range then please use the links below.


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