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"Marlborough provides an exceptional, contemporary education set in a beautiful environment steeped in history. It is a welcoming community where ambition and scholarship are highly valued, creativity is celebrated, diversity is embraced and where each pupil is encouraged and challenged to be the best that they can be."

Through our collaboration with Marlborough College, at least one student from Pewsey Vale School is guaranteed a bursary/scholarship into Marlborough College Sixth Form.

In addition, our collaboration offers opportunities and partnerships within our school curriculum for students to build aspirations and access additional opportunities.

Click here to view Marlborough College Sixth Form Handbook

Pewsey Vale School Alumni who have benefited from our collaboration with Marlborough College bursary/scholarship and went on to study A-Level subjects in their Sixth Form include:

Max Richards (2017)

Oliver England (2018)

Piers Hamilton (2019)

Rory England (2020) 

News Articles:

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Pewsey Vale School
Investin are running online seminars designed to help parents amplify their children's career potential. Events are run by leading experts and are free to attend for parents and students aged 12-18. Take a look on their website https://t.co/yqGnHndnnb https://t.co/UyohhRehjR
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