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I hope that you are all safe and well during this time. We are now well underway into term 6 and as ever the summer term is proving incredibly busy; in fact, it is significantly busier than normal as not only are we having to do the normal preparation for the coming academic year but also implement a variety of different strategies for the current situation.

A lot of the past few weeks have been focussed on preparing for our Year 10 students to join us in school for some face-to-face contact and we welcome a group of them in today. Please be reassured, we have put in place various strategies to reduce the risk of students and staff in our school including breaking up our school site into different bubbles, splitting the students up into different bubble groups and ensuring these groups come in on different days so that they don’t mix. In addition, we have purchased a device called a ‘Thermo Fogger’ for which we have received some positive press coverage on Marlborough news.

Usually at this time, we would be building up the excitement and competition for Night at the Musicals, ACE and Sports Day as these would be approaching. Obviously, we are unable to do these events in their usual format. However, we do intend to run some of them virtually; through Pewsey’s Got Talent and Sports Day (details on this are in this newsletter).

We have tried to make these newsletters informative, fun and motivational. If you have anything that you wish to share; whether it be ideas to keep people entertained, examples of work, good news stories, etc. please contact Mss Dean cde@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk. so we can share it in our communications. We really would like as many of you to contribute as possible.

So, before the rest of the newsletter, I would like to just point out a few things. It is still very unclear about what schooling will look like in September. I am sure that over the coming weeks the government will release various legislations and guidance for us and quite possibly this will change over time. At the moment, I have no clear answer as to whether all year groups will return under some form after the Summer holiday. We will still continue to deliver our work remotely on Moodle and keep in communication with you either on line or on the phone. If you need anything, please contact the school office or send your teachers direct emails.

However, I am also aware from conversations with current parents as well as new parents, that there is concern regarding school uniform. I understand that students have grown since they last attended school, I also appreciate that trying on uniform before you buy it is currently a significant problem and I also believe that for some, finance may be an issue at the moment. In addition, under the current circumstances, we are encouraging students and staff to wash their clothes every time they have been in the school building; so, having multiple uniforms would potentially be a necessity. Therefore, I am suggesting that for the first month back in September, we will not be insisting that any students need to be wearing school uniform. Please understand the rationale behind this. I am initiating this to support our families but would ask that this support is reciprocated when we do return to the normal standards by ensuring that all students are in correct school uniform.

So, please enjoy our newsletter and have a good week. Take care and we really can’t wait to see you all together in the future.

  • Events and Activities & Other Things to Try

Cameron D has been busy in the kitchen and has whipped up this rather delicious looking white chocolate and oreo fudge. Maybe we can persuade him to share the recipe with all of us…

If you have any exciting or interesting things you have been doing, new skills you have been developing, then please let us know.

  • Learning Resources and New skills

Pewsey’s Got Talent:

Soon we will be advertising for entries for the up-coming virtual talent show ‘Pewsey’s Got Talent’. Keep your eyes open for news and in the meantime why not start thinking about what you could do as a performance – remember practise makes progress!

Life skills:

Speakers for schools continue to run their online programme of guest speakers. Over the coming week the following timetable will run. Perhaps there is something that interests you linked to your super north star.

Take an Open University Course:

It’s free, takes anything from 2-30 hours, and you can study subjects from sociology to biotools! Visit https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/fullcatalogue

As we all continue to adapt to life and a new ‘normal’ we are having to think about how to keep ourselves and others safe. This online game is a fun and interactive way to think about these ideas https://martin-jacob.itch.io/can-you-save-the-world

  • Competitions

Star baker:

Thank you for all of your wonderful entries from the last week –  the winning entry last week was Molly S. They certainly looked like tasty pizza rolls. Why not have a go and join in with the weekly star baker competition. Bake something of your choice or have a go at this wonderful classic sponge cake. Why not send us your favourite recipe, you never know, it may get featured next week.

Recipe of the week:

For those of you who are keen bakers and have access to flour and eggs perhaps you would like to try the recipe of the week. Or maybe you can suggest a vegan or gluten free alternative?

Sultana and Orange Tray bake


    • 225g margarine
    • 225g caster sugar
    • 275g SR flour
    • 2 tsp baking powder
    • 4 eggs
    • 2tbsp milk
    • 200g sultanas
    • Zest( just the rind) of two oranges
    • 225g icing sugar


    1. Line a swiss roll tin with greaseproof paper or tray bake tin (30cmsx23)
    2. Pre heat the oven 180oc
    3. Grate the zest off the oranges –put to one side
    4. Put the margarine and sugar in a bowl and beat together until creamy
    5. Put the eggs into a jug and beat with a fork
    6. Add gradually to the mixture
    7. Fold in the flour carefully with a metal spoon
    8. Add the sultanas and orange zest 
    9. Spoon into the prepared tin
    10. Bake in the oven for about 30 -35 mins until springs back when you touch the bake with your finger
    11. When cool –make some glace icing with the icing sugar and the juice from the oranges.
    12. Cut into even squares.


  • Subject-Specific Activities


Contemporary self-portrait

Using the ‘Head of the World’ picture below as inspiration, can you design a self-portrait head to represent your view of the world at this point in time? Your portrait might incorporate parts of your personality, your thoughts and ideas, your emotions and feelings.


Creative writing

‘Head of the World’ – explore the image with your eyes. Do you think there is a reason why the artist has created such a strange and abstract image? Is there a deeper meaning behind it? He was the world. His forehead was a mighty river flowing across his brow. Can you continue the poem? Use similes and metaphors to describe the image


  • Gabriel wrote the numbers 1 - 9 in a 3x3 grid
  • He then multiplied together the numbers in each row and wrote the resulting product next to that row
  • He also multipled the numbers in each column together, and wrote the product under that column
  • He then rubbed out the numbers 1 - 9.
  • Can you work out where Gabriel placed the numbers 1 - 9?
  • Did you have more information than you needed?


60       21       288      


Every tried to sing along to part of a song that is in a different language and failed miserably? Well, it’s only going to get funnier with this challenge. Here, you and your friend have to create a list of words or phrases for each other. The catch here, however, is that it is in another language. Also, the other person has no idea what that language is.

It is up to each of you to not only guess the language but also figure out what that word means. If you want to make things a little easier for you, you can use Google Translate.

If you have any funny but appropriate phrases you have learnt then please share them.

Miss Dean’s favourite from learning Italian on Duolingo, so far, has been ‘the monkey does not read the book’. Not sure how useful it is going to be in every day conversation.

  • Weekly challenges:

Get reading:

Our first reading challenge is to make sure you are a member of your local library. Once you have registered, you can take out up to 6 books at any one time and access their online resources and eBooks. To register, all you need to take with you is proof of address.

Find your local library and keep up to date with opening times and online services.

Tim Henman and Compass for Life:

Don’t forget every Wednesday on the Tin Henman foundation homepage three new challenges will be launched around the themes of being fulfilled, having fun and staying topical. There will be plenty of things for everyone so get involved and share what you are doing. This week the challenge focuses on problem solving. As we are all aware, from the current situation, life sometimes throws us a curve ball. Having strategies to help us plan for problems can help us to be successful. It is a bit like solving a riddle. Why not have a go at the riddles being set or even better have a go at creating your own?

Take a look on the website for the coming challenges: https://thfonline.org/home/ and don’t forget to share your work with #THFOnline2020 @PewseyValeSch (twitter).

Look out for the Wimbledon themed challenges that will be coming up in the next few weeks.

  • Exercise and Well-being

Virtual Sports Day:

You have until the 3rd July to send in your results For all events we will need video proof of you performing

Email: charries@avonvalleycollege.org.uk

    • Event 1- Sprinting - set up the course – markers are 2m away from the centre marker. Starting in the middle you have to run around the first cone and back to centre before running around the next cone. You have to complete each cone. How long does it take you?
    • Event 2 – Sprinting - same as event 1 but you have to do complete it twice. How long does it take?
    • Event 3 – Sprinting - same as event 1 but you have to do complete it four times. How long does it take?
    • Event 4 – Middle Distance Running - Complete a mile run (1.6Km)
    • Event 5 – Standing Long Jump – behind a line on two feet see how far you can jump, you have to land on two feet. Measure from the line to the nearest part of your foot or hand/bottom (if you happen to put them down).
    • Event 6 – Standing Triple Jump – behind a line on one foot hop on to that foot, step on to the other foot then jump and land on two feet to see how far you can jump. Measure from the line to the nearest part of your foot or hand/bottom (if you happen to put them down).
    • Event 7 – Chest Pass – starting behind a line, using a Football/Netball/ Basketball start at your chest and push the ball as far as you can. Measure the distance from the line to where the ball landed.

You can take part in one event or multiple events, it is up to you.

This has gone out to Avon Valley College, Stonehenge, Wellington Academy, St Johns and Pewsey Secondary Schools.

You are not just competing for yourself but also your school.

For all events we will need video proof of you performing Email charries@avonvalleycollege.org.

Please fill in the information below:

Event 1                    



Year Group:


Event 2  
Event 3  
Event 4  
Event 5  
Event 6  
Event 7  


  • Mental Health:

There are lots of resources around to help with mental health – we have been trying to suggest a wide range of sites in order to provide something for everyone.

NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing:

The NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing can be found on this page https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/improve-mental-wellbeing/

Circles of control:

This is a useful tool for helping you to cope with the current situation and also a useful tool for everyday life. Have a look at the video for strategies and tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVfFissRQmM&feature=youtu.be&utm_source=Global+Council &utm_campaign=7f64d3430dEMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_09_10_01_30_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0dbf9f1dbf7f64d3430d

For a list of all resources to support with mental health and well being you can find a comprehensive list on this webpage https://www.wiltshirehealthyschools.org/new-mental-health-resources-andcovid-19-support-materials-/

All of the links to competitions and resources mentioned in this newsletter can be found on the school website on the following page https://pewseyvale.org/school-life/covid-19-school-closureinformation/links-to-external-resources-for-home-working/

Keep an eye on the school twitter feed @PewseyValeSch and facebook page @pewsevaleschool to also find out as things are happening.

  • Calendar of Events:


Pewsey’s Got Talent Year 10 Student Leadership Applications


Year 6 Transition

End of term

Future events 2019/20:

Year 11 Prom/Reunion Presentation evening

We hope that you are enjoying our weekly communications.

As I have said, please do feel free to send us stuff to share or add. During these strange times, it is important to stay in communication and the more we hear from you the more normal it feels.

Stay safe, stay positive and see you soon – I hope.

Mr Pritchard and the Pewsey Vale Staff

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