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Curriculum Statement : Physical Education

Core Values

Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values;


Curriculum intent

The PE Department focus on providing a supportive and challenging environment for all students through the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity, with the aim of encouraging lifelong healthy lifestyles. We believe that by providing a range of activities and learning experiences for our students to learn and progress from, they will be able to make informed choices on their own further involvement in healthy and active lifestyles, encouraging students to develop independence and responsibility, whilst increasing their understanding of the body and what it is capable of doing.

Through transition

The Key Stage Three curriculum we offer provides an opportunity for students to progress from their starting points in the following areas of Learning Focus: skills and technique, strategy and tactics, coaching and leadership, evaluation of knowledge, health and safety, and analysis of performance. The Key Stage Four curriculum develops on from the lower school by allowing students to have increased ownership and a greater input into the activities they participate in, with a focus on participation, enjoyment and regular physical activity, creating a lifelong love of physical activity.

Secure developments and achievements

The PE Department provides the opportunity for students to study accredited courses in Key Stage 4: GCSE PE or V-Cert, which further develops students understanding of the subject area and builds upon the Learning Focus areas in Key Stage 3.  This is delivered alongside the Core PE lessons that provide the opportunity for all students to be involved in active/practical lessons in their school week.

Prepare students for “life beyond Pewsey Vale”

With the aim of developing students to become lifelong participants in an active, healthy lifestyle we provide opportunities for students to develop their resilience through challenging lessons and competitive situations, whilst developing student responsibility and ownership.

KS3 Curriculum Map

KS4 Curriculum Map

Extra Curricular Clubs


Curriculum implementation

Through transition

Our involvement in the transition programme provides us the opportunity to be involved in supporting primary school sports days and, where practicable, with primary sports festivals.  This is an area of transition and development at this stage to allow us to explore different opportunities.  However, this does allow students to become familiar with our students and our facilities.

Through Nurture Provision

Each year group is looked at individually to determine the most appropriate groupings within lessons (where the timetable allows), this provides a more personalised approach that suits the size of the school and the students.

We work closely with the support staff that work with individual students in lessons to ensure that individual needs are catered for and the opportunity for students to progress is maximised.  Those students that require support through the provision of kit or access to provision are helped accordingly.

Where practically possible we cater for student requirements at key stage 4 with activity choices and the opportunity for students to take greater responsibility for their involvement, where the focus is on participation and enjoyment.

Through Enrichment

We are developing our extra-curricular programme to provide greater opportunities for students to participate in physical activity and competitive sport outside of the timetabled lessons.  Our current provision allows us to provide opportunities for training and competitive fixtures in seasonal activities, most notably: Netball, Football, Rounders and Athletics, however, developing the opportunities on offer both during the school day and after school remain a priority.

We are developing our community involvement with links to external providers/clubs, including Pewsey Youth Football, Pewsey Netball and Marlborough Rugby Club.  Additional signposting for students to participate in activities outside of school are promoted through the newsletter and website.

Student performances whilst representing the school, or externally, are celebrated through the weekly bulletin and newsletter.

Through Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Key Stage 3 students benefit from 3 lessons per week, allowing us to focus on the main activity for the term in 2 lessons, whilst focusing on the application and evaluation of acquired skills in 1 lesson. Students will focus on the areas of: skill and technique, strategy and tactics, leadership, fitness, health and safety, and analysis of performance.  This approach allows us to embed key knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals required for Key Stage Four.

The activities covered in Key Stage 3 allow for development and progress over the key stage, with activity areas revisited each year, the activity areas are currently taken from Netball, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Tag rugby, Athletics, Striking and Fielding (with some adaptation as required).  Each activity area is delivered over a term with the opportunity to assess both at the start and the end of the unit. 

Students will all have the opportunity to experience lessons at The Vale Leisure Centre, as well as our own school facilities.  This provides students with the opportunity to experience a wider range of activities, as well as off-site experiences.

Key stage 3 students will be assessed via self and teacher assessments per unit twice a half-term (every three weeks). This is a sports-specific assessment of the students current unit. This feeds into the yearly holistic assessment which students self-assess at the beginning and end of the year, followed by the teacher's assessment of the same criteria. The holistic PE assessment contains 6 learning focuses:

  1. Skills and Techniques
  2. Tactical awareness
  3. Coaching and leadership
  4. Evaluation of knowledge
  5. Analysis of performance
  6. Health and Safety

Lessons allow students to develop their knowledge and understanding of PE and physical activity, supporting them in understanding both strengths and areas for improvement. The 6 learning focuses help students to link learning from Key stage 3 to that in Key stage 4 (e.g. being able to identify muscles whilst leading/ participating in a warm up-link to both GCSE and V-Cert specification).  This provides a clear link to the accredited courses at Key Stage 4, either GCSE PE or V-Cert.

V-Cert Health and Fitness is assessed in accordance to the specification, which involves 2 units of assessment, 1 of which are internally assessed portfolio-based work and 1 is an external exam. 

GCSE PE follows the AQA specification and is assessed through 2 exam papers and a practical assessment.

Through Homework

Students are encouraged to participate in physical activity outside of school as part of their development beyond the school day. Formal written homework is focused on Key Stage 4 accredited courses (GCSE PE/ V-Cert) and is designed to further understanding of topic areas and support the completion of portfolio work.

Curriculum Impact

The impact of the school’s curriculum is measured through several means:

  • Outcomes for students at BTEC Sport/GCSE PE in Yr11
  • Progress and attainment data for current year groups
  • Destinations data
  • Attendance data
  • Behaviour logs
  • Engagement in enrichment activities
  • Performance in enrichment fixtures.
  • Student voice
  • Progress towards the Gatsby benchmarks
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