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As a single academy trust, it is important for us to maintain our individuality and as a small rural community school, we pride ourselves in offering our students personalised learning experiences.

Therefore it is vital that we embrace collaboration and build outwardly facing strategic partners.

Through these partnerships, we are able to build capacity that offers a myriad of opportunities for our school community to engage in, which will be of benefit to their schooling and lifelong learning.

These partners include:




Compass for Life is a framework that provides students with a formula that empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning and to achieve their ambitions in partnership with their teachers. It also helps the teachers develop their own compass as they journey with their students to higher levels of performance.

Exploring the Four Cardinals:

Compass For Life provides a strategy for success for all, aligned to the cardinal points of the compass. The Compass helps provide a core motivating purpose for learning, together with direction for the journey through life: a bright, shining north cardinal (the guiding North Star) of aspiration that sits in the sky and that, no matter what the obstacles, you can always see.

North Cardinal: SUPER NORTH STAR
Having a Super North Star unleashes the adventure within you. Where you take opportunities to live the life you want and become the best version of yourself.

East Cardinal: ETHOS
Your values and behaviour are critical to achieving your purpose. if your ethos is ethical and authentic, you are on the correct path. Then you must establish the team code of conduct; this ensures that the team's behaviours are aligned in order to ensure that the team result comes first.

South Cardinal: STRATEGIST
You need to be a strategist, a pathfinder that searches for the best route to get to the Super North Star with a clear plan derived from facts and analysis with realistic milestones and contingencies. You will need to be patient and communicate the strategy clearly to the teams that have to deliver it.

West Cardinal: WARRIOR
Your warrior spirit is about your strength of character, your desire to step into the pressure zone and fight for what you believe. It is where you have the skills sets, mental and physical resilience, you are courageous, committed and determined to succeed.

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A Values-based Education

Values-based Education is an approach to teaching that works with values. It creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment and develops students’ social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives.

A positive learning environment is achieved through the positive values modelled by staff throughout the school. It quickly liberates teachers and students from the stress of confrontational relationships, which frees up substantial teaching and learning time.

Compass For Life™ complements all current leadership methodology, including Values-Based Education, by aligning them with each cardinal so that everyone can have a compass for life.

Pewsey Vale School
WOW Fest 2022 - On 30th June 2022 @ 11-2PM & 5-7PM Swindon & Wiltshire Careers Hub will be hosting a Live broadcast for young people (aged 14+). This is a World of Work Fest to showcase employers and their industry sectors around the county. WATCH HERE: https://t.co/HaE1pB9CQg https://t.co/s0q5JdyMVo
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