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Congratulations to all parents/carers and your children on adapting so swiftly to remote learning. As a parent, I can imagine how difficult this may have been given the no-notice period. From our perspective, you are all doing an incredible job. Thank you. We hope that our Teams lessons have kept your children engaged with their learning by being connected to a live qualified teacher. We have a dedicated team of staff who are providing technical support to families; if you are struggling with technical aspects, do let us know; we are here and happy to help.

We are listening to your feedback and would like to make an adaptation to the school day for those members of our community who are working remotely. We appreciate that the school day is fast paced and moving between lessons and the expectations of different teachers is a challenge when in the building; this is even more difficult when at home and having to manage technology. I would like to build break to each lesson. This means that students at home will get a ten-minute break between each lesson and an extended break and lunch. This alteration is for remote learning only – the school day for those in the building will not change.

Guided Literacy lessons in Key Stage Three are a scheduled off-screen lesson. This lesson is dedicated for reading and quiet time at school. You can, of course, use this time for exercise or a well needed break. There will not be a Teams lesson during this time.

Assemblies will not take place every week. Students will be sent an invite to the assembly and this will link into their Teams calendar where appropriate.

Assembly 8.45-9.00

P1 9.00-9.40

P2 9.50-10.30


P3 10.55-11.35

P4 11.45-12.15


P4 13.05-13.45

P5 13.55-14.35

We are incredibly proud of our school community for the way in which we have come together to adapt to this new challenge. Your children have been brilliant. We hope this change enables you to manage remote learning and build in effective rest breaks. This change will be effective from Monday 18th January.

Kind regards

Ms K Protheroe
Deputy Head Teacher

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