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For this week, we have decided to separate our CV19 information and our newsletter as this will focus on positive things that we have been doing or can recommend to keep us engaged during this time. I would really like you as the PVS community to start to contribute to this.

I would like to thank Miss Dean and Mrs Konynenburg for all of their hard work in compiling the information for this newsletter. If you have anything that you wish to share; whether it be ideas to keep people entertained, examples of work, good news stories, etc. please contact Mss Dean cde@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk.  so we can share it in our communications.

  • Events and Activities & Other Things To Try

Thank you to Georgia W for sharing some pictures of how she and her family marked VE day.  Georgia, her brother and dad all dressed up in WW2 appropriate costumes and then enjoyed a feast including cheese scones baked by Georgia.

Molly S has been continuing to develop her culinary skills and looks like she has cooked enough paella to feed the entire street. 

If you have any exciting or interesting things you have been doing, new skills you have been developing, then please let us know.

Zofia R has been really improving her art skills and sent in her wonderful drawing of the view from her window in the style of David Hockney.  If you are inspired by Zofia’s attempts and feeling creative you might be interested in the challenge below.

Break a world record drawing with Rob:

Learn to draw with World Book Day author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, break the Guinness World Records title for largest online art lesson ever and raise money to fight COVID-19!

Rob Biddulph is a famed author and illustrator of children's books. You may know him from his #DrawWithRob lessons that have gone viral across families during lockdown (and shared by BBC and CBS). Or you may know him from one of his books like Odd Dog Out. 

On 21st May, Rob will teach the world a 30 minute art lesson where we learn to draw a much loved character. To beat the Guinness World Records title for largest online art lesson at least 10,000 people need to tune in to draw with Rob for a full 30 minutes on 21st May at 4PM BST

Go to the website below to register and join in for this event.



  • Learning Resources and New skills

The Day Home - A free, daily newsletter for parents and guardians at home with children, helping to enrich learning with real-life knowledge and skills.  Keep on top of the news: The Day is offering their daily newsletter subscription (usually priced at £120 a year for a family membership) free of charge during lockdown. It has a readership of mostly teenagers, and covers quirky reviews and academic updates as well as keeping on top of what our politicians are doing.


Life skills

We have all been adapting the way in which we live to keep ourselves and each other save.  Perhaps you fancy a bit more of a light-hearted way in which to learn more about this.  A British professor has created an online coronavirus game to help people learn about the risks and risk management involved in being out in public during the pandemic. 


Take an Open University Course: 

It’s free, takes anything from 2-30 hours, and you can study subjects from sociology to biotools! Visit https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-catalogue


  • Competitions

Star baker

Thank you for all of your wonderful entries from the last week – the chocolate cakes look absolutely delicious and hearing your stories of how they have been shared with family and neighbours (whilst social distancing) has been lovely.

The entries from last week have been posted on Twitter and Facebook, they certainly look like ‘gorgeous’ chocolate cakes. 

The winner for last week was Callum A with Oliver S’ effort receiving the highly commended award from Mrs Sparke.

Why not have a go and join in with the weekly star baker competition.  Bake something of your choice or have a go at these yummy fruit muffins.  Why not send us your favourite recipe, you never know, it may get featured next week.

Recipe of the week: Fruit Muffins

For those of you who are keen bakers and have access to flour and eggs perhaps you would like to try Mrs Sparke’s recipe of the week.


150g SR flour

50g caster sugar

1 egg

75mls milk

75mls vegetable oil

Fruit of your own choice –frozen fruit works well because it stays whole. Use frozen.


Put the oven on 180c

The mixture makes 6 muffins exactly-so using muffins cases place in a muffin tin. If you don’t have a muffin tin you can use small cake tin but obviously the muffins will be smaller

Measure out all your ingredients

In a large bowl put the flour and sugar

Put the milk and oil into a jug

Add the egg to the oil and milk and mix with a fork

Add your fruit –if using frozen fruit try very hard not to break the fruit (it goes a strange grey colour)!

Add all the liquid mixture at once and mix –be carefully not to over mix as the muffins will be flat

Place in the oven for 20 mins until golden brown and well risen. 

My favourite muffins are:

    • Chocolate and banana (replace a little of the flour for cocoa powder and chop ½ banana and add up eat the rest )
    • Lemon and poppy seeds (use the grated zest of the lemon just the yellow bit and a little of the juice)
    • Frozen raspberry and white chocolate
    • Grated apple and sultana with a little cinnamon 

I look forward to seeing your baking!  Mrs Sparke

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust 

Next week will see the third virtual quiz being hosted by Clare Balding.  The quiz will be streamed live on Tuesday 19th May on YouTube.

You're invited to play along with good old-fashioned pen and paper, and the scoring will be up to you - we're working on honesty! Answers to the first few rounds will be given at the halfway point.

The quiz is free to play and will be fun for all the family!


Don’t forget that the closing date for their well-being challenge is also fast approaching on the 17th May https://www.cwmt.org.uk/wellbeing-challenge

Film competition:

The Childnet Film Competition is now in its 11th year and is open to all young people based in the UK. The challenge is to create a positive, short online safety film or a storyboard with a script in response to this year’s theme.  This year’s theme is ‘We want an internet where we’re free to…’

What are we looking for? We are looking for films or storyboards that tell us why you want an internet that allows people to feel free and safe online and how we can make this happen. Once again, we’re on the look-out for films with a positive and clear message about the ways we can use of the internet.



  • Subject-Specific Activities

Music skills

Mrs Du Toit has recommended Chrome Music lab for experimenting with your music skills.  There are lots of activities you can try including creating you own song/piece of music.  If you save your work it will give you a URL link which you can share.  You can email these in to Mrs Du Toit to have a listen to if you have created something you are proud of.



  • Weekly challenges

Operation Bletchley

Operation Bletchley is your Virtual Codebreaking Challenge.  This is supporting ABF the Soldiers’ Charity (the Army’s National Charity).

Your mission is to cover either 50 or 100 miles on foot and crack the codes as you go. With brand new codes to crack for 2020. Have you got what it takes to deliver your final message before time runs out?

How it works

Operation Bletchley is a virtual event that you can take part in anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works...

    1. Sign up for just £10 and link your phone or fitness tracker to your fundraising page (you can also record your distance manually if you prefer)
    2. Start walking at your own pace (from 1st July)
    3. Receive updates and codes to crack at regular milestones - three levels are available - Junior, Codebreaker or Cypher Expert
    4. Codes will be delivered straight to your inbox and you can select your level then
    5. Solve the codes to decipher the hidden message
    6. Complete the journey and deliver the message by the 31st July
    7. Tim Henman and Compass for Life 

Don’t forget every Wednesday on the Tin Henman foundation homepage three new challenges will be launched around the themes of being fulfilled, having fun and staying topical.  There will be plenty of things for everyone so get involved and share what you are doing. 

Take a look on the website for the coming challenges: https://thfonline.org/home/ and don’t forget to share your work with #THFOnline2020 @PewseyValeSch (twitter).


  • Exercise and Well-being

Couch to 5K

Getting regular exercise and fresh air is even more important now than ever.  Have you ever thought, ‘I could never run that far…’ well why not try following the NHS couch to 5K programme.



Why not try some ballet with the English Youth Ballet who are streaming live classes for you to join in with https://www.instagram.com/englishyouthballet/

English Youth Ballet offers performance experience for dancers aged 8-18 in full length classical ballets alongside professional principal dancers.www.englishyouthballet.co.uk


  • Stress management

The Me power academy are currently offering free access to their online level 5 resource.  LEVEL 5 - H.A.C.® Stress & manage Confidence: Reduce stress & improve confidence.  This is available for a limited time and you can register for the course at the weblink below.


For a list of all resources to support with mental health and well being you can find a comprehensive list on this webpage https://www.wiltshirehealthyschools.org/new-mental-health-resources-and-covid-19-support-materials-/

All of the links to competitions and resources mentioned in this newsletter can be found on the school website on the following page https://pewseyvale.org/school-life/covid-19-school-closure-information/links-to-external-resources-for-home-working/

Keep an eye on the school twitter feed @PewseyValeSch  and facebook page @pewsevaleschool to also find out as things are happening.


  • Calender of Events


Year 9 Options 

Pewsey’s got Talent


Year 6 Transition - information

Year 10 Student Leadership Applications


Year 6 Transition

End of term 

Future events:

2019/20 Year 11 Prom/Reunion

Presentation evening


We hope that you are enjoying our weekly communications.

As I have said, please do feel free to send us stuff to share or add. During these strange times, it is important to stay in communication and the more we hear from you the more normal it feels.

Stay safe, stay positive and see you soon – I hope.


Mr Pritchard and the Pewsey Vale Staff

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