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Below are the documents and policies that we are required to publish by law. We have a number of other policies and documents that facilitate the successful running of the school but may not appear here. If you are looking for a particular policy or document that does not appear here, it may be that it is currently under review.

The FOIA policy and Data Protection Policy have been combined and can be found in the GDPR section of the website.

Signed copies of our policies are held by the school and these, along with printed copies of any policy, can be obtained by contacting the school office.

PVS Accessibility Policy and Supporting Information

PVS Attendance & Registration Policy

PVS Anti-Bullying Policy

PVS Charging & Remissions Policy

PVS Complaints Procedure

PVS Single Equalities Policy

PVS Health & Safety Policy

PVS Careers Policy

PVS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy December 2023

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Annex - January 2021

PVS Safeguarding Child Friendly Policy September 2023

Low-Level Concerns

Educational Provision for Remote Learning

PVS Behaviour For Learning Policy

PVS Whistleblowing Policy Procedure for Academies - please note this policy will only be subject to review following updates or amendments notified to us from Wiltshire Council

PVS Sex and Relationships Policy

School Admissions Policy

PVS Cookies Policy

PVS Privacy Policy

PVS Uniform Policy

Our SEND Policy, Information Report and Local Offer can be found on our SEND Page

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