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Pewsey Vale were very excited about the opportunity to display student’s artwork in the House of Commons, thanks to Rt Hon Claire Perry, organising such a wonderful experience for our students, who thoroughly enjoyed they day trip. We at Pewsey Vale are very proud of what our students have achieved and look forward to seeing their artwork for sale in the future.

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‘I was honoured to receive the offer from Rt Hon Claire Perry, to exhibit my students’ artwork at the House of Commons last week. After setting on the Friday before we started back for the Spring Term, students, parents and staff visited on Tuesday 8th January for a tour of the Houses of parliament, including viewing Claire Perry speak in the Commons and culminating in an opening ceremony of the student art exhibition. I am very proud of exhibiting the students work, as they have shown a huge amount of commitment to the subject and developing their skills to a high level.

Mrs Slater

‘I was thrilled to welcome Pewsey Vale School GCSE Art students, parents, governors and teachers to Westminster for a special tour of Parliament and to view their art exhibition in the Upper Waiting Hall. The artwork is absolutely brilliant and I know that it has been very much enjoyed by MPs and Peers – it’s the first time a school from the Devizes Constituency has had an exhibition in Parliament which is a wonderful accolade for PVS!’

Rt Hon Claire Perry


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‘We really enjoyed the event because our families got to see our work presented. Furthermore, we also thought it was interesting to see our final pieces being presented and framed. We got the opportunity to meet and talk to Claire Perry about our artwork and what she’ll be doing in the future in regards to art events. She was very interested to know about our individual pieces and how they came about.

Before getting to where our pieces were displayed, we had a tour around the Houses of Parliament and got to sit in on a live-action debate with MPs including Claire Perry. This was beneficial for us to understand what is currently happening in politics… Besides Brexit.

Afterwards, we were shown portraits of 209 female MPs in all different sceneries, this could potentially help us with future art projects. It was interesting to see the different styles and perspectives of the MPs and seeing them having fun.

The fact that our art pieces will be seen by MPs is quite an impressive achievement and we are very thankful that Claire Perry entered us in the ballot and we hope other years will get this experience.’

Katie W & Bella J-B


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‘I thought it was a great experience that we can remember for a long time. It was exciting to see our pieces displayed in such a high-profile building, and seeing all of the other historic paintings around Parliament was good inspiration for my classwork.’

Libby W


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‘The trip was very educational and gave us a very interesting insight to the proceedings in the House of Commons. It was really rewarding to see our work displayed in such an important place.’

Emily C


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‘We looked around some amazing rooms the architecture was astonishing. Before we met Claire Perry we went up to the room with our artwork inside. Seeing all of it there felt so surreal almost unbelievable. Where it’s situated meant lots of people will walk through and see our art. For that we are all very happy about.’

Eveney C

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