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The Art and Design area at Pewsey is a stimulating and vibrant environment where all students learn to make aesthetic and practical decisions, becoming actively involved in making art.We aim to encourage and secure students’ creativity and imagination in feeling confident to use a variety of materials and techniques to communicate what they see, feel and think.

Student’s will also explore ideas and meanings of the work of other artists and learn about the diverse roles and functions of art and design in contemporary life and from different time periods and cultures. We celebrate creative achievements of all students, from their successes in local and national competitions to international creative links with schools in Denmark and Finland.

Our Art curriculums truly build confidence in a variety of life skills in order to prepare all students to be innovative, successful and resilient in pursuing their ambitions. We have developed links with:

  • Marlborough College
  • Swindon College
  • New College

It is our aim to give students an experience of life beyond Pewsey Vale. These strong connections, mean students can grow their personal portfolio in Years 7-9 and then during GCSE they can hone in on skills which enable them to discuss artworks, cultures and experiences with their peers and adults alike.

Within the community, Art at Pewsey Vale is well regarded as a highly successful department. We periodically collaborate with Pewsey Primary and St Francis, in creating student artworks to be displayed in Pewsey.

In addition, we are also supported by local businesses within the community; Fowler Architects and Planning offer a week’s work experience in their offices in Pewsey for a student that shows an keen interest in architecture and design 

Provided below are quick links to access the following content on our website:

  • For more information about our current 'Artists in Residence', please click here
  • To view the picture gallery of events and competitions that the Pewsey Vale Art Department has either hosted or participated in, please click here
  • To find out more information about Art Movements and Artists studied, please click here
  • To access Learning Resources provided by Roche Court Educational Trust and University of Leeds, please click here

In addition to the content found on these pages, our Head of Art has also created an Instagram account and YouTube channel; to follow her works online search for: Make_Explore_Art

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