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Pewsey Vale School End of Term Summer Newsletter

  • Events and Activities & Other Things to Try

Molly S has again been busy developing new skills and this week has received an honourable mention for her art work in the Forces Voices creativity competition.
"I took images of trees and plants to create patterns for material.
"I was inspired by my art teacher who suggested this project.
"I really enjoyed working out which plants worked well and created the best patterns.
"I love creating something modern from something natural."

  • Learning Resources and New skills
Pewsey’s Got Talent:
We will be sharing a range of the best entries across year groups, and the best staff entries via links to YouTube videos on the school website. There will also be a wonderful video showing the achievements of some of pupils in music. Don’t forget to go and take a look.

Life skills:

Speakers for schools continue to run their online programme of guest speakers. Over the coming week the following timetable will run. Perhaps there is something that interests you linked to your super north star. https://www.speakersforschools.org/inspiration/vtalks/upcoming-vtalks/

Career Pilot:

Have put together some activities that students who are working from home can do, to help them find out more about their future options/career. https://careerpilot.org.uk/adviser-zone/home-learning-activities-students

Oak Academy - Summer activity clubs:

Oak Activity Club have a range of activities on offer, run by their brilliant partners, with activities like cook-alongs, arts and debating clubs. Some activities are designed for certain year groups and some are for all. To access the activities you can check them out at this link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/activity-clubs#clubs

Take an Open University Course: It’s free, takes anything from 2-30 hours, and you can study subjects from sociology to biotools! Visit https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-catalogue

  • Competitions
Star baker
Oliver S and Molly S are jointly being awarded the title of PVS star baker 2020, by Mrs Sparke, both of these students have attempted every weekly challenge set. What a fantastic effort – I bet their families have been enjoying their fabulous creations.

Why not have a go and join in with the weekly star baker competition for the last time. Bake something of your choice or have a go at this wonderful Pavlova – can you master the art of the meringue

Recipe of the week - 


4 egg whites
200g caster sugar
4tesp cornflour
2 tesp vinegar
½ tesp vanilla essence
300ml double cream
A selection of soft fruit


1.   Set the oven on a very low heat 100c mark 1
2.   Cut a piece of non-stick grease-proof paper and place on a baking tray
3.   Put egg whites into a very clean and dry bowl
4.   Whisk with an electric whisk until stiff.
5.   Add the sugar 1 tbsp at a time
6.   Whisking all the time
7.   Add the corn flour and the vanilla and vinegar
8.   Beat the mixture
9.   Spread mixture onto the baking paper either to make one big or individual
10. Make a hollow in the middle of the mixture
11. Bake in the cool oven for 40 mins until the meringue lifts off the paper
12. When cooked leave to cool
13. Whip the cream very carefully add a little icing sugar and a little vanilla essence
14. Prepare fruit
15. Spread cream onto to meringues and top with fruit
16. Dust with icing sugar


  • Holiday Activities

Butterflies around Pewsey:
This is a brief checklist to the butterflies that can be found around the Pewsey area. There are several more species that can be found in the local environs and probably the most common butterflies – Large, Small (collectively known as ‘Cabbage Whites’) and Green-veined Whites haven’t been included as their correct identification can be tricky even for experts plus they are very, very common! Also from the ‘Whites’ I didn’t include Clouded Yellow because if you see one of those it’ll just annoy me!

Members of the Hairstreak family, as they spend a lot of their time in the canopy, haven’t been included. For a similar reason Wall (Brown) hasn’t been included as they are one of the hardest butterflies to approach – you need Ninja skills to do so.

Most of the Fritillaries and a couple of the Skippers (Grizzled and Dingy) have ‘finished’ for the season – that is the adults have bred and have since died; and the Large Skipper is on the wane.

Adonis Blues and Chalkhill Blues haven’t been included as they are not likely to be seen in the woods or gardens around Pewsey being Downland specialists.
I didn’t include Essex Skipper but did include Small Skipper because even though we get both species around Pewsey, Small are more abundant and so any golden blur is likely to be this species. Also, as even the County Recorder has trouble differentiating between these two species it’s a good idea to just label them as ‘Smessex’.

To view images of all of the butterflies, please click on the following links to our twitter feed:

Part 1 https://twitter.com/pewseyvalesch/status/1279347569202810881?s=21

Part 2 https://twitter.com/pewseyvalesch/status/1279347735263576064?s=21


  • Exercise and Well-being

Virtual Sports Day:
To allow for some sporting competition between students and schools during this current climate, Avon Valley developed a Virtual Sports Day that all of our KS3 students were able to get involved in. We now have the results!

3 of our students performed particularly well in the competition:
    • Molly S: 1st - Mile, 1st - Standing Triple Jump, 1st - Chest Push, 2nd - Standing Long Jump
    • Conner P: 1st – Mile (complete in 5min, 55sec – Wow)
    • Emilia B: 3rd - Sprint, 3rd - Standing Long Jump, 3rd - Chest Push
Well done to these three students and to any students who took part. Thank you for continuing to represent the school and do us proud.

Tri this at home:
On the 14th July, Restless Development launched an exciting summer challenge called #TriThisAtHome for young people and their families. Watch the video and have a go at some of the activities.

Braeside Holiday Camps:
July and August 2020 Week days only - ages 8 - 14 years old Bookings being taken now! For further information please visit our website or contact us at info@braeside-education.co.uk

  • Mental Health

There are lots of resources around to help with mental health – we have been trying to suggest a wide range of sites in order to provide something for everyone.

Pearson have put together a range or resources around mindfulness to help promote positive mental health, these can be found on their website https://www.pearson.com/uk/educators/schools/update-for-schools/mindfulness.html.

For a list of all resources to support with mental health and well being you can find a comprehensive list on this webpage https://www.wiltshirehealthyschools.org/new-mental-health-resources-and-covid-19-support-materials-/

CEOP have published their final activity pack that focuses around staying safe whilst using social media. Please find the links to the age appropriate materials below:

KS3 https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/globalassets/thinkuknow/documents/thinkuknow/parents/pdf/thinkuknow-11-13s-home-activity-sheet-9.pdf

KS4 https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/globalassets/thinkuknow/documents/thinkuknow/parents/pdf/thinkuknow-14-home-activity-sheet-9.pdf

All of the links to competitions and resources mentioned in this newsletter can be found on the school website on the following page https://pewseyvale.org/school-life/covid-19-school-closure-information/links-to-external-resources-for-home-working/

Keep an eye on the school twitter feed @PewseyValeSch and facebook page @pewsevaleschool to also find out as things are happening.

  • Staff Goodbyes

We are sadly going to be saying goodbye to some of our much loved staff this summer. As they have not had the opportunity to say goodbye in person some have chosen to share some thoughts with you. We wish them all well in their onward adventures whether that is a new job or retirement. Once a part of the Pewsey Vale School community, always a part and we hope that they will stay in touch and let us know how they are getting on.

Dear all

I am sure you will have heard by now that I am retiring this term and will not be back in September.

I would like to take this opportunity, although in a strange way, to say farewell and reflect on the years I have been part of Pewsey Vale School.
In February when I handed my notice in to Neil Pritchard we did not think my last term would be so drastically changed.
As many of you will know I have been at Pewsey Vale a long time, even recently teaching past student’s children! I know I would not have stayed so long if I had not been happy.

Pewsey Vale School is a unique school, as this term has undoubtedly shown and has an incredible community bond and caring ethos. This is one of many aspects I'll miss about being part of the school. But it's the daily contact with the students and all their varied foibles and characteristics that I will miss the most.
I would like to thank all the parents and carers for their relentless support with ingredients and putting up with students, requesting ingredients at the last minute and some "odd" outcomes at times, but hopefully many enjoyable ones too!

Finally, a special word to year 11 2020 - you may think I say this every year, but you were quite a group all 23 of you. Everyone's course work was in on time (it will be returned to you at some point in the Autumn term) and you were all determined to work to the best of your ability. We cooked together as a class for three years. I always looked forward to our lessons they were hectic, hot, chaotic at times but always fun (I hope).
My lasting memory is the lovely picnic we had last Summer that we wanted to repeat this year but it was not meant to be. However, I am so proud that there are 23 young people in the Pewsey Vale that can cook well and enjoy eating.

I look forward to seeing you on results day with a social distant massive hug !

Farewell and happy cooking.

Brigid Sparke


Dear All

It’s been fun!

After many happy years at Pewsey vale school, the time has come for me to move on to pastures new.
I would like to wish the school and all staff every happiness and continued success.

Good bye and Good luck.

Nancy Hall
Science Technician

  • Calendar of Events
Pewsey’s Got Talent
Year 10 Student Leadership appointments
Year 6 Transition – video conferences with SLT and a live virtual evening event.
End of term

Future events:

2019/20 Year 11 Prom/Reunion
Presentation evening

We hope that you have enjoyed our weekly communications over this lockdown period, thank you to all who have contributed with pictures and stories.

Mr Pritchard and the Pewsey Vale Staff
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