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Pewsey Vale School Alumni

Former PVS students are ideal role models as they are instantly relatable, having grown up in the same place and attended the same school, they can offer advice to students from their own context. Alumni can talk about their educational or career experiences and inspire current students to achieve their potential. The alumni can act as mentors, either online or in person, providing advice, support and guidance to students, and offering students a purposeful new relationship to help overcome a range of challenges. Former students often have specific expertise to offer and can help the school community to flourish by combining knowledge of the local community with experiences and skills they’ve gained since leaving school.

The PVS alumni can prove to students that ‘someone like me’ can succeed and prosper. PVS can have a lasting pool of support available because as new students leave the school each year, they can join this growing community.

We want to grow our school’s alumni community, so there is a host of potential career and education role models that provide ways for you to stay in touch with each other and get involved with the school and support its future.
But we need your help to do this.
For more information as to how you can help and join our growing alumni community, please email us at tyo@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk or fill in the Alumni Form here.

Your connection with Pewsey Vale School doesn’t stop when you leave.
At PVS we value our relationships with all of our students, past and present. We really hope you will keep in touch. Importantly, we want to hear about what you are doing and your post-PVS achievements.
Please help us maintain and grow the PVS Alumni by staying in touch and making sure we always have the most up-to-date contact details for you.




Jessica Allen 

The support and care over my 5 years at Pewsey were incredible and I enjoyed every minute there. The teachers went above and beyond to help in ensuring that I reached my goals. I’m now studying Psychology at the University of Liverpool and am loving it. I will forever be grateful for all the care and help I received from everyone at Pewsey and am so thankful they gave me the best foundations for further studying and life!


Erin Vincent

The core lesson I have learnt from my time at Pewsey Vale is that without chaos, you can’t create magic.

Pewsey always believed in me, going that extra mile to show me there is hope in my darkest times. The support and encouragement I received is something beyond any words can explain. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for my school. They helped me to grow, find my passion and my worth, tools I will hold onto for the rest of my life.
They have taught me to find my quintessence. I am proud to say I am doing exactly that.

I am attending my dream school in September 2022 (Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance) and I have never been more proud.


Tom Scullion

Pewsey is an incredibly small school that has a community feel. Within the classroom, the atmosphere is very positive as the teachers are very friendly and approachable and the students have the desire to work hard. Pewsey provided me with opportunities and experiences that created memories which will last a lifetime. Due to the small size of the school, I was able to build relationships with the teachers on a more personal level. This helped me enormously as it allowed me to be myself and show my confidence within the classroom as well as through leadership roles within the school.

The school were very supportive of my wishing to pursue a career in golf. Mr Pritchard was a mentor to me and allowed me to have discussions with him about my future, school and any other issues I had, which was a huge boost to my confidence. He really takes the time to get to know each of his students personally which is why he is such a good leader and the perfect head teacher for Pewsey Vale school. Overall, during my time at Pewsey, I learnt a vast variety of skills that allowed me to get to the position I am in today.
I went on to study a BTEC Level 3 in Sport (golf) at Hartpury after Pewsey Vale gave me the opportunity to speak to Hartpury representatives at the many career fairs that they held and I have just graduated from my second year.

In August 2022 I will be going to Nashville in America on a scholarship, where I will be studying for a degree in sports management and playing for the university golf team. The Cumberland University golf team are ranked 6th out of all 175 private universities in America. They were also ranked 1st in terms of grades and qualifications so they have an incredible reputation. This was an opportunity that first arose during my time at Pewsey Vale and thankfully I was able to speak to many of the senior members of staff and listen to their opinions and thoughts on studying abroad. I came to the conclusion that this was a fantastic opportunity that would allow me to progress in my golf and also study for a degree.

With the support of the teachers, I was able to take time out of lessons to attend practice sessions and competitions and build my schoolwork around this schedule when necessary.

My time at Pewsey Vale will never be forgotten and I will always be grateful for the guidance and support I received from everyone at the school who has helped me to fulfil my dreams.


Ollie England

 I will be forever indebted to Pewsey Vale for the lessons they instilled in me during my time. They helped me foster independence with regard to my studies, and the social skills to thrive in any setting. I gained important perspectives from Pewsey which have benefitted me tremendously. I hope that my attitude contributed somewhat to the positive atmosphere present within the school.

From Pewsey Vale, I earned a full bursary award to attend Marlborough College’s Sixth Form, a path my younger brothers soon followed. I would never have been aware of such a fantastic opportunity had it not been for Pewsey Vale. I am now studying towards a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Durham University, whilst playing for the university’s 1st XI football team. I am honoured to say that I came from Pewsey Vale School.

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