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We hope that you are all still safe and well and have had a good bank holiday weekend; in whatever format it took. As we begin a new week, for some people across the country, things are potentially going to change. However, for secondary school this is not the case.

  • COVID-19 Update and Work:

I listened with interest last night at the government’s announcement for their plans over the coming weeks and the impact that this will have on us as a school community. At the moment, the information is slightly limited and lacks specifics and details regarding secondary education and the re-opening of schools. However, what it does seem to suggest at the moment is that they are trying to get Year 10 back into school for a few weeks before the summer break. Therefore, it is possible we are looking at Year 10 returning to us at some point in July.

Now it is important to recognise that there are various caveats to this. The government are carefully monitoring the infection and fatality rates over the coming weeks and if this spikes again, they will take appropriate action regarding tightening lockdown. Certain year groups in primary schools will be returning first and the government will gauge the effectiveness of this and inform future decisions about secondary schools.

We will update you with a separate letter should we get any further information over the coming days.

So, in summary, at the moment we are continuing to proceed as we have been since lockdown started. Years 7 – 9 have work set via the school website and Year 10 have been accessing their studies through Moodle. Our school remains open for vulnerable students and those whose parents are key workers. Everyone else will be expected to work from home.

To access the school remote portal, click the link below:


In addition, there are many other sites that can be used to keep our students’ minds active and support their learning. Wiltshire Council newsletters/updates are also useful:


As for Year 11, we are having some feedback from your post-16 providers. We are pleased that they are setting you preparatory work in readiness for next year. Please keep an eye on updates that we are uploading on our website under ‘Alumni & School Leavers’. Also we have uploaded some further guidance on the GCSEs and post-16 providers: https://pewseyvale.org/school-life/alumni-and-school-leavers/school-leavers-2019-2020/


Please also remember, if you need any support or guidance on getting a place at for next year, please contact Miss Dean cde@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk

Parents and carers, again huge thanks for everything that you are doing. We appreciate how difficult things potentially are so whatever work students are doing will help keep them moving forward and mentally stimulated. We appreciate that some of the resources on line are not as clear as we would like and we are addressing this. Also, I have requested that teachers try to make it more explicit about how long students should be working on specific tasks. I hope that this helps.

Our tutor checks have been well received.   We will continue to check in with all families to ensure that you are well, keeping safe and to address any issues you may have. Should anything arise please do not hesitate to email your child’s tutor as even when staff are not in school they are online during the day and will be able to respond to you. Or if you are really concerned, call the school office on 01672 565000.

We still want you to send us examples of the work that you have been doing. Your teacher will be able to mark anything you send to us but also Miss Dean cde@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk wants to create a gallery to showcase all of your hard work. Send us photos of what you have been doing so that we can put these on our website. Send us things for us to share on our website.


  • Events and activities & other things to try:

Do you have any pictures of things that you did to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day? Perhaps bunting or flags you made, a picnic you had, safely social distancing, in your street.  Perhaps joining in for some singing of some old war time classics.  Please feel free to share these with us on our school social media pages.

National conversation week:

This year the organisation have partnered with Defaqto, in aid of Mind, and together are aiming to help more people boost their financial knowledge, and understand the difference between products and how different comparison tools work to plug the financial knowledge gap.  There are resources on their website to help you learn more and suggestions of how you can get involved.


You can never have too many conversations during National Conversation Week!


  • Learning Resources and New skills:

Speakers for Schools

Don’t forget that Speakers for Schools are running a virtual programme with some very interesting guest speakers from a wide range or backgrounds.  Perhaps you might find a talk that will help you to take steps towards achieving your super north star or maybe learn a new skill.


Life skills

Want to learn more about how to manage your money, then check out the ‘my money’ resource hub with resources provided by the young enterprise company.  They have even included a parent and carers resource pack in case you need help and guidance. https://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/MMW/

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is a charity that works hard to preserve and maintain the natural environment in our county.  They have the Coombe Bissett Down project running (a nature reserve just outside Salisbury) with lots of interesting and fun resources.  Perhaps you fancy some mindfulness colouring activities – why not download some of their colouring sheets and get involved? https://www.wiltshirewildlife.org/Pages/Default.aspx?CategoryTitle=coombe-bissett-down-resources&SubsiteTitle=coombe-bissett-project


  • Competitions

Star baker

Some students have already been sending in pictures of the wonderful creations they have been baking to share with their families.  Well done Molly S and Harvey Y for sharing pictures of some of the treats they have been cooking up.

We will now be having a weekly star baker competition.  Bake something of your choice or have a go at this gorgeous chocolate cake.  Why not send us your favourite recipe, you never know, it may get featured next week.

Recipe of the week:

For those of you who are keen bakers and have access to flour and eggs perhaps you would like to try Mrs Sparke’s recipe of the week.

Gorgeous Chocolate cake


3 eggs

6 tbsp boiling water

4 tbsp milk

175g SR flour

50g Cocoa powder

100g margarine

300g Castor sugar



Put the oven on 160oc gas mark 3

Grease and line with grease proof paper two cake tins 20cms

Weigh all your ingredients

Put the kettle on

Put the cocoa powder into a large bowl

Add 6 tbsp of boiling water –add 4 tbsp cold milk

Add the remaining ingredients

Whisk all together with an electric hand whisk be careful not to over whisk just until all the ingredients are blended.  The mixture should plop!

Share equally between the tins

Put in the oven for 30 mins

The cake is done when you can press lightly on the cake and it springs back

Remove from the oven use a pallet knife or round bladed knife to loosen the cake and turn out onto a wire tray.

For butter cream:

Beat 100g butter until really fluffy and soft add 200g icing sugar gradually or you will end up with a mess!

Add a little vanilla essence –and some chocolate drops if you have any –or a little coffee to make a mocha cake

Sandwich cakes together a dust with icing sugar.


The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust - Well-being Campaign:

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT) have launched their 2020 well-being challenge which will run from 4th May until the 17th May.  There are two age categories (Primary and Secondary) and there is a prize available for both.  If you are interested in taking part then you can order a virtual pack from them or you can request a paper copy if you are unable to print resources.  You can register for a pack on the website https://www.cwmt.org.uk/wellbeing-challenge


  • Subject-Specific Activities:

Maths skills

Use this link, nrich.maths.org/6499, to play a version of the classic Countdown Game.

The challenge is to use the numbers available and the four standard operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to hit the target.

Each card can only be used once but it may not be necessary to use all the cards. Good Luck!

Additional maths challenge: Draw a triangle that has three right angles! Send us pictures of your attempts.

English skills:

Check out pobble365.com where the site will provide you with a weird, wonderful and/or thought-provoking image to inspire you to write creatively.  There are 365 images so there is something for everyone.  With images that capture alternative viewpoints of fairy tales and interesting set ups with super heroes to animals losing their habitats in safaris and rainforests to mythical creatures causing madness and mayhem as well as many more, the writing opportunities are endless!  If the image doesn’t kick off your ideas then why not try some of the activities on the page.


    • Keep sharing your fantastic remote learning artwork with Mrs Slater, and she will share it on Instagram. Remember to follow the Art Department @pvs-arttextiles 
    • The weekly staff IG photograph challenge has been going well, Miss Dean and Mr Carter have been taking some fabulous photographs in isolation.
    • Mrs Slater has created a Youtube channel, sharing drawing tutorials and more, Like and Subscribe for regular videos- Make-Explore Art
    •  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1fnVWrgu_G5pkwl5NH7RxQ?


  • Weekly challenges:

We all know that some children and young people are struggling with their emotional wellbeing during the current crisis.

Physical and social isolation are having a huge impact and the lack of normal outlets, such as school or college and meeting up with friends, is adding to the challenges they face.

The lack of structure to each day and week that goes by also doesn’t help and so Mind Of My Own wanted to do something to support children and young people’s wellbeing and have come up with the mind of my own mindfulness 5 day challenge.


Don’t forget every Wednesday on the Tin Henman foundation homepage three new challenges will be launched around the themes of being fulfilled, having fun and staying topical.  There will be plenty of things for everyone so get involved and share what you are doing. 

Take a look on the website for the coming challenges: https://thfonline.org/home/ and don’t forget to share your work with #THFOnline2020 @PewseyValeSch (twitter).


  • Exercise and Well-being

Sport England are running an online campaign, ‘Stay in, work out’, to help keep young people active.

On the website https://www.sportengland.org/stayinworkout you will find tips, advice and guidance on how to keep or get active in and around your home. Join the Movement and use #StayInWorkOut to share how you're getting active during this time.

For a list of all resources to support with mental health and well being you can find a comprehensive list on this webpage https://www.wiltshirehealthyschools.org/new-mental-health-resources-and-covid-19-support-materials-/

Some services you might be interested in looking at are:

    • Kooth:

This is an online tool that has been supported by Wiltshire.  Due to the current situation, the contract with Kooth has been extended and this service remains available to young people across Wiltshire until the end of June.

    • Confidential support:

A new service of FREE and confidential support for ALL in Wiltshire aged 11 – 25 has been launched by a local charity called ‘Young Melksham.’ It is tough coping with lockdown and many of you may be finding it hard. Please don’t think you are alone as this is one of many places you can go to for support.

Depressed • Lonely • Afraid
• Angry • Not Coping
Free and confidential support for young people aged 11-25

All of the links to competitions and resources mentioned in this newsletter can be found on the school website on the following page https://pewseyvale.org/school-life/covid-19-school-closure-information/links-to-external-resources-for-home-working/

Keep an eye on the school twitter feed @PewseyValeSch  and Facebook page @pewsevaleschool to also find out as things are happening.


  • Calendar of Events


Year 9 Options

Pewsey’s got Talent



Year 6 Transition - information

Year 10 Student Leadership Applications



Year 6 Transition

End of term


Future events

2019/20 Year 11 Prom/Reunion

Presentation evening


Finally, we have put together a staff video with some messages of support. This will be on our website over the next few days. Please stay safe and take care over this week.

Mr Pritchard and the Pewsey Vale Staff

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