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As anticipated, the Government's plans for secondary school students returning after the holidays continues to change. 

I can now update you with the proposed dates of when the different students will be returning to school. Please can I just remind you that, again, this could be subject to change.

  • Monday January 4th - Inset day - no students in school and no work set. 
  • Tuesday January 5th onwards - PVS will be open for vulnerable students who wish to attend and also key-worker children (we will send out an email on Monday to collate names of students who are eligible and intend to attend). All other students in ALL year groups will be set work online using Microsoft Teams. Please note that students have been taught how to do this but more information for this will be provided for them on Monday.
  • From the week commencing 11th January - All Year 11 students who are not self-isolating will return to school along with vulnerable and key-worker children. Years 7 to 10 will remain learning online. (Please refer to above link for further information regarding how to logon.)
  • From the week commencing 18th January - All students who are not self-isolating will return to school.

Now, as I have said, these dates may change over the coming days and weeks. However, I wanted to give you as clear an idea as I currently have so that you are able to prepare your children.

When students do return to school, they are expected to be in full school uniform unless they have PE that day. It is also essential that they wear a coat as the weather is now very cold and we need to keep doors and windows open.

With regards to testing, the government has made it clear that schools will be required to participate in the mass testing of staff and students. More details on this will be sent to me over the coming days and I will communicate this to you over the course of next week. 

In the meantime, please try to have a safe and happy New Year's Eve. Let's hope that we can celebrate a more positive 2021 at the end of next year.

Take care

Neil Pritchard

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