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Another fantastic and busy week at Pewsey Vale School. Can I start by reiterating how proud I am to be a part of this school! The online lessons we continue to deliver are providing our students with high quality learning and I am very impressed with the number of students completing these lessons.

I would like to thank parents for their positive feedback and for those that completed the Parent Survey 2021.  We have been overwhelmed by how grateful you are with the support the school is offering. We are currently reviewing the results of the surveys and will share headlines with you over the coming weeks. Please be aware that we are continuing to support families with:

  • Remote learning
  • Technical support 
  • Devices
  • Pastoral support 
  • Signposting for families that are currently struggling financially. 

Now that we are confident that the vast majority of our students are attending the online lessons, we will be focusing on supporting students who are struggling to upload their work over the coming weeks.  It is important that we continue to give our students feedback that will enable them to improve so that when we do return onsite we can minimise the disruption to their learning.  It is our aim to continuously improve and adapt our practices in order to demonstrate that we have listened to your feedback.

The students that are with us in school continue to do us proud.  I cannot wait to have you all back with us but obviously only when it deemed safe to do so.

For parents and carers of students in Yr 7-10, you will be receiving reports in the coming weeks indicating how the students have been getting on since their last report in November.  The local authority has been in touch with us this week and have commended us on the work that we have completed and the positive approach that PVS has maintained throughout this pandemic so far. I would like to personally thank Helean Hughes and her colleagues (Wiltshire Council) for their support and updates throughout this time.

Finally, from a personal perspective as both a member of this school and as a parent, I would like to thank you as parents for everything you are doing at the moment.  I do not under estimate how difficult it is to continue to motivate and support your child with their learning and their emotional wellbeing during lockdown.  You are doing an amazing job!  Please try not to get too stressed by what your children are not doing and focus on the positives of what they are doing.  When I speak to other colleagues across the different counties, our students are accessing and achieving a lot more than some other children.

If you need us for anything or you are just having a bad day, please do get in contact and as usual we will do our best to help.

Stay safe, stay positive and enjoy the positive read below which shows just a few of the good news stories in our school community.

Mr Pritchard


  • Maths – Mr Webb

I am very much looking forward to working with Marlborough College and some of our Year 11 students.  This is to support them with revision and  is due to start next week.

I would also like to say well done to Year 7 for settling into their new classes this term.  

  • English – Miss Wilson

I wanted to say a huge well done to Lily M in Year 7 for this fantastic piece of work she has completed. 



  • English – Mrs Furness

Our wonderful Year 7 classes have been studying poetry this half term. In a recent lesson exploring poetic form, students wrote their own sonnets inspired by Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 18'. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. 

On Missing Friends

Shall I compare thee to love?
Though sure they are beauties,
And lots of fun. 

They play tag with me every day,
I really wish I could stay,
Caitlin and Lily I miss you lots.
Your art is amazing and on the dot.

When heaven shines above on you,
Your warm smile
Melts our hearts too.

I love chocolate just like you.
So nor shall death bring us down,
We will stand our ground.

Evie S Year 7

  • Art – Mrs Slater

I am really impressed with Elizabeth B (Year 9) and her slogan that she has completed for Art Design this week.  What a fantastic positive massage – well done.

art pic  

  • Science – Mr Carter

“Many years ago on a very cold and dark January day a very good friend, colleague and mentor of mine pointed out some odd little yellow flowers. They were growing around the trunk of a Birch tree near to one of the entrances to the school. He informed me that they were Aconites and that he always looked forward to them appearing each year when the weather was worst and the days seemed to struggle to lengthen. 

My friend is sadly no longer with us but each year I find myself now awaiting the appearance of the Aconites just as he had done and their stand out gold brightens even the darkest day and acts as a reminder that better days ARE coming”.


  • Food Technology – Mrs Key

I would like to say a well done to the following Year 11 students for their efforts this week, Nathan E, Charlie F, Finlay R, Alan C and Holly W. I am very proud of you all for handing in the work set and cooking at home. 

  • History – Ms Tomsett

Year 8.1 History have been working especially hard recently on their studies in their study on King Charles I and the English Civil War. Recently students have created a Newspaper Article summarising the Trial of King Charles and how the decisions he made led to the King of England being put on trial. Below is a particularly good example from Ffion B (Year 8).


  • Modern Forign Languages – Mr Hewitt

Reece H in Year 9 deserves a ‘well done’ for the help he gives everyone in 9.3 German by posting screenshots of key slides and generally making helpful comments during lessons. It is much appreciated by me and I’m sure the rest of the class. Well done Reece.

  • Drama – Miss Rodier

I have been super impressed with some of the work from a number of students this week.

drama1Debbie A (Year 9) Demonstrating a lighting technique and
discovered she can create fish scales with a gauze       
drama2Cyan R (Year 7) Learning to juggle. Top tip: start with tissues
  • Geography – Miss Rodier

I have just received this brilliant piece of work by Molly S in Year 8 (see below). It definitely deserves to be celebrated 

Screenshots from the video & supporting comment: 

Molly (Year 8) has clearly applied a tremendous amount of effort to all elements of her cross-curricular Geography project. The video that she made to showcase her work featured music and beautifully delivered formal commentary. She made some great attempts at using Geography vocabulary to describe the human and physical features of Lulworth Cove, as well as the environmental impacts of tourism in the area. Molly should be very proud of what she has achieved. 




  • Computer Science – Mr Robinson

I would like to do a couple of shout outs to students that have impressed me this week.

Both Alfie W (Year 7) & Woody D (Year 9) have attended their lessons and spent the most amount of time online learning. – Well done for your dedication.

The student that has asked the most amount of questions on the online chat facility is Alex H (Year 7)

  • Fundraising – PTFA 




Despite not being able to do any proper fundraising for the PTFA, we have been really encouraged by support from parents as we have had three new subscribers to easyfundraising since this new lockdown started. It just shows people are still trying to help out and that is really heart-warming and very much appreciated.  Huge thanks to everyone using easyfundraising - every penny really does count and you all help to add to our total.

During these difficult times easyfundraising is an excellent way to raise funds as we are all having to do so much online shopping, and it doesn't cost the buyer anything.  It really is win win!  You can sign up as a Pewsey Vale Supporter and increase our donations any time at:

  • PCCA – Mrs Slater

We are really looking forward to be working with PCCA, the Pewsey volunteer group over the coming weeks and months. They have some exciting new projects we would love to involve both the school and people at home.  More information will follow as it starts to progress.

  • EduKit – Mrs Konynenburg 
       https://www.edukit.org.uk/work-experience?SQF_CAMPAIGN=CML-280121 edukit

This week is Children's Mental Health week so for the month of February, EduKit will be offering hands-on work experience within their team on our new Wellbeing Mobile app for teenagers.

This fantastic opportunity is open to years 7-13 and participants can choose one of the following roles:

1 - Design Consultant - responsible for reviewing the app and making design recommendations

2 - PR / Marketing Consultant - helping to promote the app in the press (including writing press releases and speaking to journalists)

3 - Product Tester - testing the app, logging bugs and helping the customer support team

This is an invaluable opportunity for students to:

    • work with a tech business that is developing a fun, interactive app for teenagers
    • work (remotely) alongside the EduKit team, who are led by a female tech entrepreneur
    • understand and experience the different roles available in tech
    • get involved in Children's Mental health week in a hands-on, creative way

All students who complete their work experience will be awarded an EduKit Certificate Of Achievement and can add the experience to their CV.


    • our CEO is an experienced youth mentor so this will be an enriching and motivational experience
    • as such we would welcome students of ALL abilities and engagement levels
    • roles are open to students working at home and in school
  • Speakers for Schools:





Mon 1stFebruary



Dorothy Byrne, Editor-at-large, Channel 4, Chair, Ethical Journalism Network & Former Head of News and Current Affairs, Channel 4 

For KS4-5/ S4-6

Join us to hear Dorothy Byrne, Editor-at-large at Channel Four, previously Head of News and Current Affairs, share her insights into her career as a journalist. During her tenure, the channel’s news and current affairs programmes have won numerous BAFTA, RTA and Emmy awards. Dorothy will reflect on how to be successful in the world of work and will question whether we can trust the media.

Tues 2ndFebruary




Branko Bjelobaba, Finance and Engaging in Democracy Speaker

For KS4 – 5 / S4 – 6

Join us here to hear Branko Bjelobaba, Finance and Engaging in Democracy Speaker, provide and honest approach as to what makes a difference in terms of presenting yourself and how success can follow failure. Branko has spoken at many schools and delivered one of our first live virtual event and speaks passionately about the UK financial services sector and also how young people can engage with democracy.

Tues 2ndFebruary 2-3pm


Speakers for Schools Experience Nursing Broadcast: Dr Crystal Oldman, CEO, The Queen's Nursing Institute

For KS4 – 5 / S4 – 6

Join Speakers for Schools for our first Experience Nursing Broadcast with Dr Crystal Oldman CBE. Dr Crystal Oldman CBE joined the Queen’s Nursing Institute in November 2012 as Chief Executive. Crystal worked in the NHS for 18 years, the majority of which was in the field of community nursing, working with some of the most deprived communities in west London. An opportunity not to miss for students who would like to hear more about Crystal’s journey and an insight into working in nursing.

Thurs 4thFebruary 2-3pm


Penguin Talks in Partnership with Speakers for Schools: How to motivate yourself, with Adrienne Herbert and Alice Liveing

For KS4 – 5 / S4 – 6

Leading wellness professional, podcast host and author of The Power Hour, Adrienne Herbert joins personal trainer, blogger and best-selling author, Alice Liveing to discuss how students can motivate themselves and maintaining their wellbeing during lockdown


    • Join 10 minutes before the broadcast to be ready
    • You can join without needing an account – Watch how here
    • For full speaker descriptions visit the Broadcast Schedule here
    • Watch pre-recorded broadcasts from our library here
  • Continued Support you may find helpful:
    • IT support


Over the past couple of weeks, we have run an IT support team to assist students whilst they are completing their learning from home.  The team have carried out password resets and talked through some system usage to support those students who needed help.  If you require any technical support, please call the main school line 01672 565000 and select option 7 for technical support with remote learning.

    • The School Nursing Team

The School Nursing Team hope that you are all keeping well. We know that the COVID pandemic has resulted in lots of young people feeling stressed, anxious, depressed and lonely, and I wanted to share with you that these are normal feelings when faced with crisis, the unknown, or sudden change. As a service School Nurses will be continuing to offer drop in’s to ALLsecondary students virtually. You can contact a School Nurse through CHAT Health by texting 07480635513.  

Chat Health provides access to School Nurses who can give advice and guidance on a wide range of issues from anxiety, self-harm, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse through to bullying, problems with friends or family and puberty. 

The service is available for 11 to 19-year-olds (Year 7 and above) Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm all year round (excluding bank holidays) and it gives young people the opportunity to discuss their concerns with a school nurse by text if they would rather not do it face to face. If you wish to see the School Nurse then we can arrange this through CHAT Health, and we will be able to offer to meet with you over a video link or phone call.

Please don’t be afraid to reach out for help during this stressful time! 

  • Third party competitions:



The Chaucer Heritage Trust was founded in 1992 and aims to further interest, understanding and appreciation of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, his life and times and influence.

The Chaucer Heritage is hosting its fourth annual writing competition for schools inspired by the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, considered by many to the father of the English Language and England’s greatest medieval poet. The special theme of the competition this year is Be Careful What You Wish For!

Who can take part?, Competition Guidelines, Rules and information on How to Enter: http://chaucer.org.uk/the-canterbury-tales-writing-competition-2020-21-be-careful-what-you-wish-for/

Closing Date: 28 February 2021

    • UNSOVLED - every sentence counts!


Enthral imaginations with creative writing as young writers create their own mini saga!

'Unsolved' invites your students to write a mini saga (a story told in just 100 words) inspired by the crime & mystery genre.

Closing Date: 12 February 2021

    • The RC Sherriff Trust -The 16th Elmbridge Literary Competition 2021


Literature and music have always gone hand in hand. Poets and authors, from Percy Shelley To William Shakespeare, John Keats to Jane Austen and Nick Hornby to Roddy Doyle have woven it as themes through their works. 2021 is the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall, a venue which has seen every style of music performed beneath its iconic dome. To celebrate this, the 16th Elmbridge Literary Competition is looking for poems and short stories that take music as their inspiration.

Following the success of 2020’s ‘New World’, The Elmbridge Literary Competition is once more open to national and international submissions. Run in partnership between The R C Sherriff Trust and Elmbridge Borough Council, it is open to all ages.  

For further details about Chapbooks visit: https://www.bl.uk/romantics-and-Victorians/articles/chapbooks

Closing Date extended: 5th March 2021 

  • Tim Henman - Challenge Yourselves


These challenges were launched during the first lockdown in partnership with smallpeice, CompassForLife and the Tim Henman Foundation. 

The list of challenges that you can try at home are varied; you can learn magic tricks with Magic Marco; Indoor tennis games and challenges with the Lawn Tennis Association, Tennis skills from Tim Henman and Friends; Experiments from Sublime Science; Personal Growth challenges from CompassForLife and more.  To view all available challenges click on the link:

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