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Excalibur Communications writes a case study
Excalibur Communications have written a case study featuring Pewsey Vale School following implementation of the Teams project, in recent months, from conception to go live.
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'Brightside' Newsletter w/c 01 February 2021
Another fantastic and busy week at Pewsey Vale School. Can I start by reiterating how proud I am to be a part of this school! The online lessons we continue to deliver are providing our students with high quality learning and I am very impressed with the number of students completing these lessons.
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Newsletter w/c 18 January 2021
I would firstly like to mention how proud I am of how the team of staff and students at Pewsey Vale School have adjusted to our current online home learning. The teachers have been successfully completing a full timetable of both ‘live’ lessons and teaching students face to face. There will continue to be a wide variety of live teaching, prepared videos and interactive learning activities throughout this lockdown. 
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Changes to online learning hours
Congratulations to all parents/carers and your children on adapting so swiftly to remote learning. As a parent, I can imagine how difficult this may have been given the no-notice period. From our perspective, you are all doing an incredible job. Thank you. We hope that our Teams lessons have kept your children engaged with their learning by being connected to a live qualified teacher. We have a dedicated team of staff who are providing technical support to families; if you are struggling with technical aspects, do let us know; we are here and happy to help.
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Head Teacher's letter - 31 December 2020
As anticipated, the Government's plans for secondary school students returning after the holidays continues to change. 
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New guidance for face masks from 7th December onwards
Please find below a letter that has been sent to all parents and carers today regarding changes that require face masks MUST be worn on school transport that will come into force from Monday 7th December.
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Pewsey Vale School hosts a virtual Remembrance Service
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New guidance from 9/11/2020 about face masks...
As we have now entered a second lockdown phase, we have received an updated communication from the Government specifically regarding face masks. Face coverings will now be mandatory at all times in school unless in lessons or outside whilst maintaining social distancing. This will also include wearing masks on ALL school buses. The only people exempt from this will be those with medical or psychological conditions. 
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Information for Families - September Opening 2020
Additional information for families (FAQ) – Protective steps to make school a low risk place for staff and students
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Newsletter - 17 July 2020
Pewsey Vale School End of Term Summer Newsletter
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Educational provision for remote learning
For information regarding our provision for remote learning, please follow the link Find out more
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