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We believe that our students’ appearance is very important and we expect them to dress smartly at all times.

Full details of what school uniform is required and the schools uniform policy are detailed below.

Our school uniform provider is Brigade Clothing. You can preview the clothing options, prices and purchase items by using the link below

Order uniform online from Brigade, the school uniform supplier

Should you have any queries or questions regarding uniform, Please contact the school office.

Pewsey Vale School Uniform List:

  • Black V-neck jumper with the school logo.
  • Optional black blazer with the school logo.
  • White school shirt with buttoned collar (long or short sleeved, not an open necked blouse, not tight fitting) – available on-line.
  • Black school trousers (no tight fitting trousers permitted for boys or girls).
  • Blue school tie.
  • Black school shoes (not boots).
  • Black school skirt to knee length. (Davenport Pleated or Salisbury Straight)
  • The blazer and V-neck jumper must be ordered directly from Brigade clothing using the website link below. The school tie must be purchased through the school office. The school shirts are available through the Brigade clothing website but can also be purchased in many other shops / retailers.

Please note that there is a male and female blazer, so make sure that you have selected the correct one.


  • All property must be named
  • Neither jeans, leggings, ‘jeggings’, ‘chinos’ nor cords may be worn.
  • No caps can be worn on the school site.
  • Sweatshirts (other than regulation school sweatshirt or fleece), jumpers or cardigans are not acceptable.
  • Outdoor coats may not be leather, leather-look, denim, nor ex-service camouflage jackets.
  • No non-uniform items may be worn in lessons.
  • Short hair cuts must not be closer than a number 2 razor cut.
  • Coloured ‘T’ shirts may not be worn underneath school shirts.
  • White ‘T’ shirts or vests must not be visible.
  • Make up (if worn) must be discreet. Nail varnish can only be clear or pale pink.
  • Extremes of fashion are not permitted.
  • Wristwatches and a plain pair of sleeper earrings or studs, one in each ear, may be worn and a single necklace on a thin chain, if worn for religious reasons.
  • Trainers of any type are not permitted (including canvas shoes).
  • Black shoes should be smart and should not resemble trainers, daps, or other footwear made for leisure / sport.< – Brightly coloured socks must not be visible
  • Hair must be natural in colour
  • No visible body studs, bars or ‘stretchers’ should be worn, except a single stud in each ear. Through the admission process, parents/carers make a commitment on behalf of their daughter/son to comply with the jewellery and uniform policy for the entire time that they are at the school. If students are intending to have a piercing over the holiday period, it should be carried out with sufficient time for the wound to stabilise so that plasters or additional studs do not need to be worn on the return to school. Such piercing should not be visible when the school uniform is conventionally worn.
  • No other jewellery may be worn at any time on the school premises, including lunch and break time.
  • Lost property will be removed at the end of each week.

The Headteacher reserves the right to send home or contact the parent/carer to take home, any student inappropriately dressed.

Pewsey Vale 253 of 422

PE kit essential items – girls

  • Black PE polo shirt with the school logo on – order on-line.
  • Black PE shorts with the school logo on – order on-line.
  • Black football socks – available on-line.
  • Black one piece swimming costume.
  • PE Trainers.

PE kit essential items – boys

  • Black PE polo shirt with the school logo on – order on-line.
  • Black and white rugby jersey – order on-line.
  • Black PE shorts with the school logo on – order on-line.
  • Black football socks – available on-line.
  • Black swimming trunks or shorts (not knee length shorts).
  • PE trainers.
  • Football boots.

PE kit optional item – girls/boys (recommended for winter months)

  • Black PE tracksuit top and bottoms with the school logo – order on-line.

All jewellery must be removed for every PE lesson.

Clothing and Uniform

  • All items of clothing and equipment (coats, jackets, PE kit, bags etc.) must be clearly and indelibly marked with the students’ name.
  • Students should not wear outdoor clothes (including hats) in school – this includes tutor periods and lunchtime.
  • Students should not wear hooded tops or caps on the school site.
  • Students may have the use of a locker to store their possessions, they should ask their tutor or at the office for details. The school cannot be responsible for their possessions if they are left unattended – students should never leave valuables or money in their bag or coat.
  • Books and equipment are issued to the students on the understanding that they become responsible for them. All textbooks, which should have a school label, exercise books and folders should have their name and tutor group on; they must not scribble on their folder or exercise book
  • Students must always follow the instructions of staff when using specialist school equipment

Mobile Phones

Pewsey Vale School accepts that parents/carers may wish for their children to carry mobile telephones on the journey to and from school in the interests of safety. The school has the following policy on mobile phones:

  • Students bring mobile phones to school entirely at their own risk. The school take no responsibility for those which are lost, stolen or damaged. The school is only liable for the loss/theft of a mobile telephone when a member of staff has taken, expressed responsibility for its safekeeping, for example when locked in a changing room.
  • On entering the school site, phones should be switched off completely (not left on silent mode)
  • Mobile phones should be stowed out of sight for the duration of the day
  • Mobile phones should not be accessed or used to make or receive calls or for any other purpose at break time or lunchtime, unless authorised by a member of staff for learning purposes.
  • Staff are requested to follow these guidelines with their own personal mobile phone use. Students with mobile phones not observing these guidelines will have their phone confiscated, and returned to them or their parent / carer at the convenience of the school.
  • Parents/Carers wishing to make emergency contact with their son/daughter should contact the main school switchboard.

Lesson Equipment

Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment for every lesson:

Blue/Black ball point pen (and a spare!), pencil, pencil eraser, pencil sharpener, coloured pencils/fine fibre tips; pair of compasses, 12”/30cm ruler, calculator, protractor, set square and rough notebook/jotter.
Tippex/Liquid Paper is not allowed in school and must not be used in any school work. Text books and specialised equipment will be issued on loan and students will be required to pay for any loss or damage.

Confiscated Items

Items of clothing, jewellery and other possessions which are considered to be inappropriate for school, such as mobile phones, personal music systems etc will be confiscated by staff, and stored in a secure place. Depending on their nature, these items will be returned at the end of the day or made available for collection by parents/carers who will be advised accordingly. After a reasonable period of time it may be necessary to dispose of unclaimed articles. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or theft of such items.

Help and Support

We have a selection of uniform samples in school for students to try on and gauge the correct sizes before ordering.
For parents who have not got internet access, we will offer the opportunity to come and use our computers.
If there are any families who feel that they will struggle financially with this, please contact the school and we will see if we can help.

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