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Futures Day Careers Fair – 5th Feb 15.30 – 18:30 –

Exciting opportunities at Pewsey Vale Careers Fair. Ever dreamed about what it takes to go into space? Who better to ask than a NASA highly qualified astronaut candidate who as an Astronaut Training Programme Director has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut but is equally passionate about helping others achieve their dream of going to space.


Mindy Howard will be joining us on the day, with her full space suit, to talk to the students about what it is really like (she has completed all of the 6G testing). In 2023 she will be fulfilling her dream and going to space. Students will be able to ask questions and maybe even have a photo in the suit (so bring cameras).

We will also have leading cyber security experts who have been at the forefront of the field in combatting cybercrime working alongside experts at GCHQ. They will be providing challenges on the day and helping the students to understand careers in these highly exciting fields.

This is in addition to the wealth of local businesses and education institutions that will also be represented on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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