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AllAboutSchoolLeavers research shows a huge 80.75% of school/college students say that their parents help them make key career decisions. What’s more, 61.25% of survey respondents deem that parents have “the most influence” on their career decisions. Being a parent is a juggling act, but knowing everything about careers on top of everything else? Don’t panic, there are some great websites out there that provide all of the answers.

A career conversation with your child can make a big difference and sharing your own story can help. You possibly have some contacts who could offer work experience or provide some feedback on a CV for example.

Please also use the resources here and in the weekly bulletin to get started and contact your school Careers Leader, Tracey Archdale, for more information at tar@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk.

There are a variety of educational routes available to students when they leave Pewsey Vale School. Find out more below:

Description: Intermediate, advanced higher and degree apprenticeships combine practical on-the-job skills training with off-the-job learning. Students get training that is relevant to a particular job and they will be paid a salary. Students can start at a level to suit them, with support if they have special needs or a disability.
Location: Students spend 80% of their time in the workplace and 20% off the job with some study in a college, training centre or Institute of Technology (IoT)
Duration: A minimum of 1 year
Entry requirements: Will be dependent on the industry, job role and apprenticeship level
Qualifications: apprenticeship certificate, diploma, degree and master's depending on the level
Leads to: Work, next level of apprenticeship, further education, higher education
Find out more: https://amazingapprenticeships.com/

T Levels
Description: Designed in partnership with employers to give students the skills and knowledge to get on in the workplace. T Levels combine classroom learning with real work placements. 1 T Level is the equivalent of 3 A levels.
Duration: 2 years
Assessment: Exams, projects and practical assignments
Level of study: 3
Entry requirements: Course dependent
Work experience: At least 45 days on industry placement
Leads to: Work, higher and degree apprenticeships, college and university courses
Find out more at https://amazingapprenticeships.com/t-levels/

A Levels
Students can carry on studying subjects taken for GCSE to a higher level, or pick new ones they may not have done before like economics, law or psychology. They could take 3 very different subjects they are interested in to keep their career options open or choose more closely related subjects if they are needed for a specific career.
Duration: 2 years
Assessment: Mostly exams at the end of the course
Level of study: 3
Entry requirements: Typically 5 GCSEs Grade 9-4 (usually including English and maths)
Work experience: Often school or college may offer short periods of work experience, usually during year 12
This leads to: University or college courses, higher and degree apprenticeships, work
Find out more: https://www.ucas.com/further-education/post-16-qualifications/qualifications-you-can-take/levels

Vocational and technical qualifications
Description: These courses teach practical skills and knowledge for a particular area of employment. They can prepare students for a broad employment sector, like engineering or travel and tourism, or for a specific job like a chef or a hairdresser. Qualifications which teach students how to do tasks specifically related to the industry and role they want to be involved in.
Duration: 1 or more years
Assessment: Can include coursework, skills tests and exams
Level of study: 1+
Entry requirements: Course dependent
Work experience: Students learn in real situations in college, for example in a college restaurant or a salon that is open to the public. They may also have the chance to go out on a work placement with an employer.
Leads to: Apprenticeship, work, college or university
Find out more: Speak to your local college or training provider or talk to an adviser

Description: A course that includes a work placement that will get students ready for an apprenticeship or a job. Students get work experience and some help to apply for their next steps. They can also improve their maths and English skills. Students get work experience and some help to apply for whatever they do next.
Location: Students spend a minimum of 70 hours in a work placement with the rest of their time in college or a training centre
Duration: 6 weeks to 1 year
Entry requirements: Students need to be aged between 16 to 24 or up to 25 with an Education Health and Care Plan with no higher than a level 3 qualification
Qualifications: English, maths, digital and work-related qualifications
This leads to: Apprenticeship, further education, work
Find out more:
ask your local college or training provider
speak to your school careers adviser
speak to your Jobcentre Plus adviser if you receive benefits
find a traineeship in your area

Supported internships
Description: Supported internships are for young people with learning difficulties or learning disabilities, who need extra support to get a job.
Location: Students spend most of their time on placements with an employer, learning skills for work. They will also get help from a tutor and a job coach in college or with a specialist provider.
Duration: A minimum of 6 months
Entry requirements: Aged 16-24 with an Education Health and Care Plan
Qualifications: GCSE English and maths
Leads to: Work, traineeship, apprenticeship
Find out more:
from your school or local college
speak to your social worker or a transition worker
speak to your Jobcentre Plus adviser

Types of Jobs
Students who have a vision of where they want to be in the future may find it easier to plan their next steps. To help students and parents to get an idea of what types of jobs are out there we would suggest looking at a number of these websites:
Career Pilot https://www.careerpilot.org.uk/
National Careers Service https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/
Young Work Wiltshire https://workwiltshire.co.uk/young/
Career Explorer https://www.careerexplorer.com/

Get Involved
Pewsey Vale School works with a number of businesses that support our careers programme. If you or your business would like to support our activities in the future please email tar@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk.

Careers Programme
Below you will find an overview of how students will receive careers education during their time with us:
Year 7- create your Compass for Life map and identify your North Star
Year 7-11- annual Careers Fair where you will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of many local post-16 providers and employers.
Year 7-11- experiences with local employers and post-16 providers through a programme of speakers and visits.
Year 7-11- careers content taught through PSHRE lessons and explicit links made between your subjects and careers.
Year 7-11- opportunities highlighted in the weekly careers bulletin to take part in virtual work experience and workshops.
Year 7-11- apply for leadership roles within the school.
Year 7-11- watch and listen to the Career of the week presentation which is given fortnightly by tutors.
Year 7-9- drop down sessions for you to research careers and the labour market using Career Pilot.
Year 8-11- review North Stars and your Compass for Life journey.
Year 9- careers guidance interviews with a qualified and independent careers advisor.
Year 9- attend options evening to help you make an informed decision about your GCSE options.
Year 10- an opportunity to practice searching for and applying for a job, attending a mock interview and attending work experience.
Year 11- meet with post-16 providers before Open Events begin.
Year 11- opportunity to apply for a scholarship with Malborough College.
Year 11- students who are struggling to plan for their future will have the support of the school and local authority to ensure that they will not be NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) when they leave Pewsey Vale School.

Additional Information
Weekly career updates will be available as part of the school’s weekly bulletin. This is accessed via this link https://pewseyvale.org/about/news/


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