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We are celebrating World Book Day as a school. This will be a screen free day for all students, regardless whether they are with us at school or are working from home. We would like to encourage the students to step away from their devices and spend the day enjoying other activities. Teams live lessons will be postponed for the day, with no expectation for teaching staff to teach or set work.

As a team, we have recorded section of our favourite books for you to listen to. This should give you an indication of the types of literature our teachers are currently reading – you may find a new read a as a result.

We are running a writing competition to celebrate world book day.


If you are finding it impossible to fully step away from devices, here are a few websites that can give you additional ideas.



Below are some of the suggested ideas you could take part in on this day as a family. Please send pictures of your activities to worldbookday@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk so that we can share on our socia media pages.

We wish you a wonderful day and hope you are inspired by all things ‘literature’ during this day.

Yours sincerely

Ms K Protheroe
Deputy Head Teacher


Activities for all

Set up a reading nook or den

Host a Mad Hatter’s tea party

Make a puppet of your favourite character

Create a book mark

Draw a graphic novel

Put yourself into your favourite story as an additional character

Go on a nature walk – use this as inspiration for a short story or poem

Listen to an audio book

Create a set for a location in your favourite book

Watch the film and compare with the book

A reading challenge – read a short story, an article, a poem and diary entry

Create a new cover to your favourite book

Sing and dance to the soundtrack of the film

Dress up as your favourite character

Create an alternative ending to a book you are reading

Call a relative that you’ve not seen who is isolating and read to them – make sure you use character voices

Inspired by books


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



Measure your height in books

Set up an assault course, everyone gets chocolate, but the winner gets more

Go outside and dig holes in the garden that you fill with summer bulbs or spring flowers

Bake a chocolate cake like Bruce Bogtrotter eats

Harry Potter

How to train your dragon

Sherlock Holmes

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Make your own butter beer




Write sensible instructions for Hiccup on how to train Toothless

Set up a murder mystery to solve as a team or play ‘Cluedo’!

Make a mask for one of the fairies or a Donkey mask for Bottom


Myths and Ledgends

Story mish-mash

Design your own mythical kingdom with a Lord of the Rings style map (including ink pens and teabag-stained paper)

create your own language inspired by elvish. 


create your own chimera or dragon with accompanying legend.


combine your two favourite stories and design a front cover for it (Harry Potter in The Hunger Games)


Books that are being represented by departments and staff:

treasure island

Treasure Island

Department: Senior Leadership Team

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island, classic adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, published in book form in 1883. Although not the first book about pirates, Treasure Island is considered by many to be the best.



  • Flying the Jolly Roger 
  • Being a pirate
  • Kidnapping literary princesses
alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Department: Learning Support

By Lewis Carroll

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (better known by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll), was an English author, His most famous writings are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Alice's Adventures Through the Looking-Glass. Alice the protagonist must find her way through this strange place called "Wonderland". She is a 7 year old girl who while sitting with her sisters falls asleep and enters this world by falling down a rabbit hole. 


  • Mad Hatters Tea Party
  • Quizzes
  • Word searches 
  • Colouring 
  • Card games
gangsta granny

Gangsta Granny

Department: Health and Social Care

By David Walliams

David's publishing career began in 2008, Gangsta Granny was published in 2013. 

A story of prejudice and acceptance, funny lists and silly words, this new book has all the hallmarks of David's previous bestsellers. Our hero Ben is bored beyond belief after he is made to stay at his grandma's house. She's the most boring grandma ever: all she wants to do is to play Scrabble, and eat cabbage soup. But there are two things Ben doesn't know about his grandma...


  • Quiz, integrating health and social care in Gangsta Granny.
dr seuss1

Cat In The Hat And Other Stories

Department: Art and Design & Technology

By Dr Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name Dr. Seuss, was a writer and cartoonist who published over 60 books. He published his first children's book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, under the name of Dr. Seuss in 1937.

Next came a string of bestsellers, including The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. His rhymes and characters are beloved by generations of fans.


  • Textiles Year 7 and Year 9 - Students will be making Dr Suess Illustrated Zines (slight variations in both classes)
  • Year 10 GCSE Art Collaborative illustrative sculpture
Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Department: Admin Team

By J K Rowling

J.K. Rowling’s first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was published in 1997. In seven extraordinary books published over ten years, Harry’s story became a massive worldwide bestseller, breaking all records and winning the devotion of legions of fans. The novels have been translated into 80 languages, sold over 500 million copies, and made into 8 blockbuster films.


  • Mysterious magical workings are continuing in the Ministry for Magic
lord of the rings

Lord of the Rings

Department: Science

By J R R Tolkein

The Lord of the Rings, fantasy novel by J.R.R. Tolkien was initially published in 1954 in  three parts. The Lord of the Rings is the saga of a group of sometimes reluctant heroes who set forth to save their world from consummate evil. Its many worlds and creatures were drawn from Tolkien’s extensive knowledge of philology and folklore.


  • Year 7 - Making Mt Doom and casting fire spells
  • Year 8 - Writing the Bestiary of Middle Earth
  • Years 10 and 11 - Translating the Runes of Thror and Thrain.
80 days

Eighty Days Around The World

Department: Geography

By Jules Verne

Around the World in Eighty Days, French Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, travel adventure novel by French author Jules Verne, published in book form in 1873. The work tells the story of the unflappable Phileas Fogg’s trip around the world, accompanied by his emotional valet, Passepartout, to win a bet.


  • Round the World Top Trumps
  • Europe Jigsaw
  • Dressing up in a kimono
  • Locate the country and colour in giant map
  • Find the capital quiz
  • Flags of the world activity
brother grimm

Book Of Fairy Tales

Department: Modern Foreign Languages

By Brothers Grimm

The Grimm brothers were early 19th-century writers best known for their fairy tales coming from Scandinavian, Icelandic and Germanic origins. By 1807 there was a growing interest in German folk tales.  This compilation of over 200 fairy tales has become a beloved set of classical stories the world over. Included in this collection are Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Tom Thumb, and many more.


  • Gingerbread house making
  • Storyboards
James and the giant peach

James And The Giant Peach

Department: History

By Roald Dahl

James and the Giant Peach is a much-loved children’s book written by the world-renowned Welsh author Roald Dahl. First published in the UK in 1967, the book’s rich imagery and amusing characters have made it a firm favourite of both children and parents for over 50 years.


  • Discussions on favorite books/ authors
  • James and the Giant Peach film trailer viewing
  • Discussion on themes in the book – good friends are important, things will get better
  • Guess who book edition. Students are to choose a text and write 10 questions for others in the class to guess which book they have written about.
  • Watching James and the Giant Peach film.
Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

Department: Mathematics

By Frank L Baum

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, children’s book written by L. Frank Baum and first published in 1900. A modern fairy tale with a distinctly American setting, a delightfully level headed and assertive heroine, and engaging fantasy characters, the story was enormously popular and became a classic of children’s literature.


  • Oz themed maths calculation colouring
  • Tessellations
mary poppins

Mary Poppins

Department: English

By P L Travers

Mary Poppins, the first novel in a series of children's books written by P.L. Travers, published in 1934. The titular character is a sensible English nanny with magical powers, and the work uses mythological allusion and biting social critique to explore the fraught relationship between children and adults.


  • Kite making
  • Word creation
  • Racing

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Department: Drama

By Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a 1964 children's novel by British author Roald Dahl. The story features the adventures of young Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka.



  • Escape room adventures
spy school

Spy School

Department: Physical Education

By Stuart Gibbs

Can a normal kid become a secret agent? Ben Ripley may only be in middle school, but he’s already pegged his dream job: C.I.A. or bust. So he’s thrilled when he’s recruited to the C.I.A.’s top secret Academy of Espionage. Only, it turns out, Ben hasn’t been brought in because the C.I.A. expects him to succeed. Instead, he’s been brought in as bait to catch a dangerous enemy agent. Now, Ben needs to step up his game before he ends up dead. Can he solve the crime, get the girl and save the day?


  • Rescue mission to save the girl (and literary princesses from pirates)
  • Trust games
listeningbook icon2

Book Reading Extracts

Do you and your teachers share a favourite read?
Click on the links below to listen to staff read an extract of their favourite book.



Teacher's choice: Mr Guthrie

Chosen Book: Yertle the Turtle by Dr Seuss



Teacher's choice: Mrs Skinner

Chosen Book: The Gifted, Talented & Me by William Sutcliff



Teacher's choice: Mrs Wilson

Chosen Book: The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson



Teacher's choice: Mrs Furness

Chosen Book: The Buried Giant – Kazuo Ishiguro



Teacher's choice: Mrs Sheppy

Chosen Book: Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier



Teacher's choice: Mrs Slater

Chosen Book: Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky



Teacher's choice: Ms Protheroe

Chosen Book: Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold - The story of Pandora by Stephen Fry



Teacher's choice: Mrs Bradshaw

Chosen Book: Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone – J. K. Rowling



Teacher's choice: Mrs Shaw

Chosen Book: Gangster Granny by David Walliams



Teacher's choice: Mr White

Chosen Book: Cat In The Rain by Ernest Hemmingway



Teacher's choice: Miss Rodier

Chosen Book: Magnificent Desolation by Buzz Aldrin



Teacher's choice: Miss Wilson

Chosen Book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte



Teacher's Choice: Mr Carter

Chosen Book: Night Watch by Terry Pratchett




Teacher's Choice: Mr Pritchard

Chosen Book: McElligot's Pool by Dr Seuss


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