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The Valed Singer 2021

Pewsey Vale School presents their version of The Masked Singer 2021 called The Valed Singer.

The final round of Pewsey Vale's "Valed Singer" is over. After two rounds of voting, only three acts remained to battle it out for the honour of being the first-ever winner of the Valed Singer.

In this completely original and pioneering competition, singers concealed their true identity through the use of a mask and performed songs for your votes. After saying goodbye to the rest of the competition only "Heart-Shaped Fox, "Wooley Head" and "The Doctor" remained and now the votes are in!

The winner of Pewsey Vale Schools Valed Singer (by only one vote) is Wooley Head!

As the competition is now over, it can be revealed the true identity of Wooley Head is - Mr Draper (*gasps*) Congratulations to Mr Draper!

Congratulations also to Heart-Shaped Fox (Mr Watkins) and The Doctor (Eleanor Craddock) for such excellent performances throughout the competition and a huge thank you to everyone that either took part or voted. Thank you for continuing to make Pewsey Vale such a fantastically unique school.

Until next time!


The first round of voting has come to an end. With hundreds of votes cast over a range of platforms, we can confirm that the 7 acts with the most votes who will be progressing through to the next round are:

  • Baby Shark
  • Ghost
  • Heart-Shaped Fox
  • Le Tritons
  • Doctor
  • TV
  • Wooley Head

This means that sadly we have to say goodbye and thank you to Moody Cow, Bilbo InBags and Squawking Magpie. As we say farewell to these competitors we can reveal their identities:

  • Bilbo InBags – Mr Carter
  • Moody Cow – Mrs Key
  • Squawking Magpie – Mrs Wassell

Results Of Round 2

The second round of voting has come to an end. We can now confirm that the 3 acts with the most votes and will be through to the final are:

  • Wooley Head
  • Heart-Shaped Fox
  • The Doctor

This means that we have to say goodbye and thank you to Baby Shark, Ghost, Le Tritons & TV. As we say farewell to these competitors we can reveal their identities:

  • Baby Shark - Ms Protheroe
  • Ghost - Mr Robinson
  • Le Tritons - Mrs Furness & Miss Wilson
  • TV - Raiza Binyahan

Rules of the competition:

Following the recent post on our social media and in our school newsletter the interest received was overwhelming. We have deliberated and discussed at length how we propose to organise this competition and we have decided the following:

The competition will consist of three rounds where each act will sing a song.

Round 1 - Go live date: 05 February 2021 - Closing date for voting Monday 22 February 2021

Round 2 - Go live date: 19th April 2021 - Closing date for voting Friday 30th April 2021

Round 3 - Go Live date: 11th June 2021 - Closing date for going Friday 25th June 2021.

To vote for your favourite singer - who will then proceed to the next round - use the 'like' button for each character on any of the school social media pages: 

Facebook - @pewseyvaleschool

Twitter - @PewseyValeSch

Heart Shaped Fox 2

Heart Shaped Fox

Wise men say “only fools rush in” but you can’t help falling in love with Heart-Shaped Fox. Will this fox score big, or go home?


The Doctor

The Doctor

The doctor has been involved with many famous lives, from President Roosevelt to Henry II. Can they save themselves or will they bow out first round?

Woolley Head

Wooley Head

The Wooley Head covers the face of a disgusting individual. Avoid all contact with this foul creature. Will this person be eliminated round one, or can they definitely maybe reach the final?


Eliminated Singers

Squawking Magpie 1

Squawking Magpie - Mrs Wassell

The Squawking Magpie is in my ears and in my eyes. Will this bird turn out to be a lame duck, or do they have designs for glory?



Bobil Inbags

Bobil Inbags - Mr Carter

This non-biodegradable competitor will leave a permanent mark on both the planet and your heart. Will they make it through to round two, or burn in the fires of Mount Doom?



Moody Cow

Moody Cow - Mrs Key

This moody cow is much better as a singer rather than a meal. Will they make it through to round 2, or are they mincemeat?



Baby Shark copy

Baby Shark - Ms Protheroe

Baby Shark is a dragon in sharks clothing. They love causing drama and stirring trouble. Can they swim safely through to the next round?



Ghost - Mr Robinson

The most ghastly entry in the competition. Always late to the party and looking for combat. Can he survive this nightmare, or will voters SEND him home?


Le Tritons

Le Tritons - Miss Wilson & Mrs Furness

Two performers, both alike in dignity. Will they make it through to the final…or do they face a muddy death?


TV - Raiza Binyahan

The TV is a quiet character, one who often sneaks under the radar. Don’t let their stealthy nature fool you, they could goad you into a rise any time. Will they make the final, or will they fall from Grace?

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