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The work carried out by Emma was based from her primary research, travelling in China, and her journeys that took her on the path as a Flaneuse looking at both urban and natural landscapes, working on a narrative to provide both landscape inspired prints and structured embroidery pieces.

Exploring the everyday through the concepts of Flaneur, aspiration and gathered research from China will be interpreted into pieces of applied arts and as a practising designer maker through techniques such as print and embroidery.

Design development will be created through the methodology of Flaneur where documentation has been processed and two collections will be developed. Natural landscape and urban landscape will be inspired by surface and pattern.

How the work has developed from last year –continuation of abstract work and working within the market to work in applied arts.

By looking at the aims and objectives of the Master’s project it allows one to formulate an idea of how to strategize and continue developing one’s work. These are fundamental to start the work as they provide guidance and create a platform from which to begin. Inspiration is uncovered by what is seen in the journey that one takes as a Flaneuse.



Flaneur – a man who saunters around observing societyFlaneuse - french word which is the feminine form of Flaneur and means idle, a dawdling observer usually found in cities)

Ethnography – systematic study of people and culture

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