Remote Access

All students now have the ability to access their documents/workspace from home in order to catch up with work that is to be completed, use specialist software packages or gain access to anything on site whenever they have access to a PC.

Click the button below and open the file that will be downloaded by your browser. Then enter your username and password.

Required Software
To access the system remotely you require some extra software (unless you are working in Windows 7)
The required software is available below:
Windows 8 and above
iOS (iPhone & iPad)
Once you have installed the Remote Desktop Software press the “student remote access” button on this page and open the downloaded file with your app.

Talk to your ICT teacher or contact the Mr B. Pollitt the school ICT Technician

Ready to go?
Press the button below to access the school system. When prompted enter your usual username and password.

Student Remote Access