Primary Tag Rugby Festival

Mr T RobinsonNews

Pewsey Vale School played host to the Primary Tag Rugby Festival where nine teams competed for the chance to become overall winners and the receive the ‘Golden Ticket’ to progress to the next level of competition. 

The Primary Schools that competed were Castle, Collingbourne, Clarendon, Pewsey (A and B teams), Oare, Wellington and Woodbrough (A and B teams).

Each team competed in a round robin group stage to determine the winner that would go on to play in the final. Throughout the group stages the competition was played with great enthusiasm and a lot of skill, both individually and as teams; it was very clear to see that a great deal of practice and effort had gone into the preparing for the tournament by both the players and the teachers.

Although the group stage was hotly contested, one team in each group emerged undefeated to take their place in the final; the two teams were Woodbrough A and Clarendon. The final maintained the high intensity from the group stages and ended 4-2 to Woodbrough A. The support, from all the other schools that had competed, right to the end was fantastic and was a really positive advert for sport in our primary schools.

The event ran smoothly due to the support of a number of our own Year 10 GCSE PE students that worked as table officials (ensuring the accuracy of the running order, timings and recording of results), team managers (that supported each team throughout the tournament) and officials (refereeing the games). 

Congratulations to all of the teams involved and in particular to our winners Woodbrough A, and a big thank you to all the competitors, teachers and Pewsey Vale students for the effort they put into the event and in making it a success. A further thank you also goes to the Avon Valley School Sports Partnership for their support in the planning of the event.