Headteacher Appointment

Mr T RobinsonNews

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Mr Neil Pritchard will be taking over from Mrs Carol Grant as Headteacher of Pewsey Vale School from September 2017.

The interview process was extremely rigorous with four candidates shortlisted to take part. They were interviewed by governors, staff, students and members of the local community, as well as completing numerous, challenging tasks. Mr Pritchard stood out throughout the process as the clear candidate to take over the role of Headteacher. He has a very clear vision for the school and how best to support the students, staff and parents of Pewsey Vale to achieve success.

After accepting the position, Mr Pritchard stated, ‘I am exceptionally pleased and proud to be the newly appointed Headteacher of Pewsey Vale School. I had the privilege and pleasure of being the Deputy at the school previously and am delighted to be returning to work within the Pewsey community. I have gained invaluable experience from being away for the past six years and I am now ready and excited to lead and drive the school forward. I am passionate about education and believe whole-heartedly that all students should achieve success in a safe, challenging yet supportive environment. I look forward to working with students, staff, parents, governors and the Pewsey community as well as our primary colleagues from September in leading the school to greater success and future achievements’.

We would like to wish Mr Pritchard all the best in his new role and would also like to thank Mrs Grant for the 11 years of dedicated leadership and guidance that she has provided to Pewsey Vale School.

Tracy Richards
Chair of Governors