Aspire Programme

Pewsey Vale School is committed to providing a challenging yet accessible curriculum for young people, regardless of their starting points when they join us. We positively encourage all students to “Strive for Excellence”. The principle of providing inclusive opportunities for all students to achieve their potential, demands that the needs of Able, Gifted & Talented students are met. Students with academically higher starting points are given opportunities to foster and develop their strengths at Pewsey Vale School through the “Aspire” programme.

We use the following definitions of “Gifted” and “Talented” as currently adopted by the DCSF who refer to both as “Aspire”:

• “Gifted” – those with high ability or potential in academic subjects
• “Talented” – those with high ability or potential in the expressive, creative arts or sport

These categories are generally regarded as catering for up to 10% of the total number of students in a school, although we are often able to offer opportunities to a greater number of students.

Identification is not an exact science and a range of strategies will be used to identify Able, Gifted and Talented students. These will include:
• External tests/profiles eg. SATs, CATs
• School based tests/assessments, Effort and Attainment grades
• Class work, coursework and other independent study
• Professional judgement
• Parent/carer assessment

There will be some students who perform well across the curriculum and some who show a specific aptitude in a particular subject or curriculum area.

Details of subject specific criteria for identification and the additional opportunities that are be provided for “Aspire” students at Pewsey Vale are provided in the Aspire booklet shown below.