We aim to provide an education that enables each of our students to develop their talents and abilities and to achieve their academic potential in an environment which inspires them to embrace learning opportunities throughout their lives. We support them to develop the confidence, resilience, moral values and personal standards to help them thrive in the world beyond school, make a positive contribution to society and become active global citizens.

The curriculum we provide is broad and balanced in line with Government guidance and we seek to make learning relevant to students and differentiated to meet their individual needs. Our Specialist ‘Arts’ College Status underlines our focus on developing literacy skills and fostering creativity across all subject areas and in all that we do. The needs of the individual student are at the heart of our curriculum.


We aim to ensure that all students reach their full potential by:
• Emphasising the skills of literacy, numeracy and effective communication.
• Challenging students and encouraging them to be creative and innovative.
• Making the curriculum relevant and current for students wherever possible.
• Identifying individual students’ needs and providing support and resources to address them, including extension and enrichment opportunities for more able students.
• Recognising and valuing the different talents and abilities of all students.
• Creating a stimulating and varied learning environment where achievements are celebrated and students are encouraged to strive for excellence in all that they do.

Curriculum Booklets

A Curriculum booklet has been produced for each year group that details the specific topics that students will study.

Year 7 – Year 9 Curriculum Booklets
Year 10 and Year 11 Curriculum Booklets