Crest Award

Mr T RobinsonNews

During the 2017 summer term, one of the then Year 8 science groups had the opportunity to complete a Bronze Crest Award. The Crest Award is a nationally recognised award that provides a real-life experience of ‘being’ a scientist and working on individually designed projects which pupils spend a minimum of 10 hours working on. One group of pupils, Zak A, Louis Cand Charlie J, went above and beyond what was expected for the Bronze Award, and it quickly became obvious that the work they were doing was worthy to be entered for a Silver Award. This involved designing a more challenging project which they must work on for at least 30 hours.

This group of boys had the ambitious idea of building a robotic arm and teaching it how to play table tennis. Zak, Louis and Charlie stayed behind every Friday night for many weeks working on their project, as well as getting together at weekends and school holidays to spend more time on it. They bought all of the equipment themselves, and faced many setbacks during their challenge, but they persevered until the end. They still see it as a ‘work in progress’ but succeeded in getting their project to the point that they could submit their work.

Their project has been successfully granted Silver Crest Award status which is a phenomenal achievement for these pupils, who have now entered their GCSE’s in Year 10. We would like to extend our huge congratulations for their success and are eagerly waiting to see where they will take their interest and enthusiasm for science, technology and design next!