Bath Spa University Trip – Monday 11th July 2016

Mr T RobinsonNews

On Monday 11th July, 21 Year 8 and Year 9 students were provided with the opportunity to visit Bath Spa University to gain an understanding of what it would be like to study at the university and the plethora of courses that would be on offer to them.

The students were split into teams where they were met by university chaperones and after a brief presentation on what the university offers and provides, the students were tasked with designing and building the tallest tower they could out of tin foil!

There was a really good competitive yet light hearted feel about the task and some fantastic towers were produced!

The university chaperones provided the students with a tour of the campus, with its acres of land and facilities and allowed the students to see where some of the students have onsite accommodation before being taken back to have their lunch.

The highlight of the day for the students was having the opportunity to take part in a Java music lesson! The students sat on the floor and were tasked with learning certain notes and rhythms on an ensemble of bronze keyed instruments and huge gongs as part of the Javanese Gamelan.

The students did a fabulous job and kept to the rhythm instructed by the music teacher!