Service Family Admissions

Current Students

Around 10% of our current students are from Forces Service Families. Our staff team are experienced in providing support to students moving into the Wiltshire area.

Salisbury Plain

The Army Married Quarters and rental housing on Salisbury Plain are located on the edges of our catchment area. Students that have joined us from these areas have had a positive experience and have been welcomed into the school community by our students and staff. We have a number of transport options for students out of catchment available. Please contact us for more information on what we can offer.

Telephone/Video Consultation

We are happy to offer telephone/video consultation interviews with Service Families living abroad or in other areas of the UK. In the meeting we can discuss your child’s individual requirements and how we can best support them in your move to the Wiltshire Area.

How do I apply?

Contact the school office on 01672 565 000 to request an application form or by contacting Wiltshire County Council Admissions team.

Click the button below to access their website and application forms.

When applying for a school place, children of UK Service personnel (HM Forces) or other Crown Servants are treated as meeting the residency criteria for a particular area, even if they don’t yet own a house in the county. Until a fixed address is available, the unit address of the military base will be used and a school place allocated accordingly. Parents are advised to attach proof of their posting to the transfer application form and a letter of support from the commanding officer if the posting note does not indicate the housing arrangements.

If your child will be starting school in September with the normal round of admissions, parents must complete the paper application form and attach proof of their posting to the county.

Wiltshire County Council Admissions